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Friday, November 2, 2012

Masquerade By: Nicole Flockton *Interview, Review & Giveaway*

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Hey everyone! I'm so glad to be a part of the Masquerade Blog Tour, presented by SupaGurl Books Tours! Today you will see an Interview I had with the Author, my Review of this Adult Novel, and a Tour-Wide Giveaway, so here you go! :)

My Interview With Nicole Flockton

Tell us a little about you : )
 Hi Marissa and thanks for having me here!  I little about me, well I’m an Australian living in Houston Tx for the last 3 years. When my husband got an awesome job opportunity we took it and ended up here. I’m not saying it’s been easy, but it’s been a good experience so far. I work as an Accounts Officer for my job in Australia which is good. I’ve got two fantastic kids and they keep me busy, particularly my son as he likes to play sports – currently it’s flag football season!

What inspired you to write Masquerade?
 I was inspired to write Masquerade as I had an idea about two people meeting when one tried to gatecrash an exclusive New Year’s Eve Ball. The idea evolved to become a Masquerade Ball and the characters worked in the medical field.

How long did it take to write?
 Hmm you know I can’t remember!  I think it was about four months all up.

Did you have to research, and if yes, what was that process like?
 Seeing as the setting was a medical setting I looked a little on the internet. I also got some information from watching some medical shows. But the big help came from one of the girls in my critique group in Australia. Her mum is a nurse so she looked over the passages that had the medical scenes and told me whether I was on the mark or not.

What do you want your readers to be aware of, while reading Masquerade?
 I want my readers to have fun reading the story like I had fun writing it. Also I’ve taken liberties with regards to the way the hospital works. Not all ER Registrars and Nursing Unit Managers may share an office. I want to torture my characters a little so I made them have to work in the same space..
Which actors do you see playing your main characters?
 You know I haven’t thought of that. Hmmm let me see. Alex perhaps Chris Hemsworth, with dark hair. And for Sophie, I’m thinking Rachael Taylor. I have gone for Aussie actors as the story is based in Australia. LOL

Other Qs:

How has being a Debut Author been like? 
It’s been surreal and rewarding. I still pinch myself that it’s actually happened and since I’ve sold I’ve met some fantastic new people who are just as excited about my book as I am.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 
I saw this quote on Facebook the other day by a TV Presenter, Johnathon Scott Silver, "You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it." -Benjamin Mee
As writers that’s what we need, the courage to that that leap off the cliff into the unknown and hit the send button or sign up for a pitch to an editor or agent.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on a proposal for two of the characters that show up in Masquerade.

What are your favorite book genres to read?
Contemporary romances are my favourite. But I also read Regency Historical and Paranormal.

Are you reading anything now, and if not, what is next on your To-Be-Read List?
I just finished reading “Man with the Locked Away Heart” by Australian author Melanie Milburne – a Medical romance. It was a great read so I’ll have to look into my TBR pile and pick something out!

Lastly, is there a film in theaters that you are looking forward to seeing, or is there one that is coming out soon?
Oh I really want to see “Les Miserables” and also the new James Bond Movie “Skyfall”.

Thank you so much for your time in answering these Qs!
Thanks for having me and hope you enjoy my book!!

Book Description
After being humiliated by her fiancĂ©e, Sophie Franklyn has decided that getting involved with work colleagues and men in general isn’t for her. Now her focus is going to be on her career and her recent promotion. That is until at a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, she meets a man that tempts her to question her choices.

Alex Scavoni is extremely dedicated to his job, so dedicated that his first marriage crumbled under the pressure of his dedication. Now he’s happily single, with a new job he’s excited to start. When he meets a masked Sophie at the ball, she fires desires in him he thought long dead. He spends a wonderful night with her, but wakes up alone.

The next time the two meet, it’s in the high pressure world of Emergency Room medicine where they must work side by side. While they deal with the stresses of the Emergency ward, they endeavor to keep their feelings for each other on a professional nature. When the desire that pushed them together that one night flares to life again, can they ignore them or will their one night together have consequences neither of them planned on? 

Author Nicole Flockton's Debut Novel, Masquerade, was a really nice story. The characters were written well, including the two main ones, Sophie and Alex, and yes you can guess, they are the ones that do have some sort of relationship after their one-night stand at a New Years Masquerade Ball. They both do not want a commitment, just one night together, but that might change, because they end up seeing one another again, and this time its at the Hospital where they both work. They are shocked at actually meeting again, but Sophie just wants to maintain a professional relationship; that's what her mind tells her anyway but her heart tells her something totally different. Alex thinks this is perhaps meant to be, and he now won't stop to try and pursue a real romantic relationship, so what happens next? You're just going to have to read this and find out!

The story was definitely intriguing and somewhat a little familiar, and there's even a part in the beginning where that little familiarness is mildly mentioned, and it happens to be a favorite show of mine. I thought some areas were a little predictable, but there were other parts that kept me guessing, so I enjoyed that, especially at the end where I felt like I was there with the characters and I had high anticipation of what was going to happen next. The love connection was pretty good between these characters and there are a few scenes that were really well written and really showed me how these two felt toward one another, so that really helped me to understand their intense feelings towards each other. All in all, I wish this was a tad bit longer, but I do look forward to another novel by this Author! :)

My Rating: 4/5
I say a Mild R-Rating (Mature Adult Content)

Author Bio
Nicole is an Australian living in Houston Tx when she’s not chasing the kids or the dog, she is writing romances where she can escape to a world she can control.  She writes contemporary romances where you could find yourself in the chaos of a hospital emergency ward or in the high powered boardroom of a powerful, yet sexy, executive. 

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  1. What's your favorite book ever read? Gotta pick one!

  2. Great interview! I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks!

  3. Hi Marissa! Thanks for having me! I'm sure I posted on here, but my that was the other me. LOL

    Oh Andrea, that's a tough one but there are a couple I can read over, the first is "The Second Mrs Adams" by Sandra Martin. It's an early 90's Harlequin Presents book. The second is a book called "Fortunes" by Vera Cowie. It was written in the 80's (showing age here) it was based in an auction house. It was a good read.

    Thanks for reading my interview!

    1. Now I know why my first comment didn't work - didn't do the second part and type in the words which prove I'm not a robot. LOL

    2. It was my pleasure! Thanks again for answering my Interview Qs, and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. I love it - 20 seconds of insane courage. It's what it takes, alright! The book looks to be a great read.


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