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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Take A Chance On Me By: Jill Mansell

I finished reading my second Jill Mansell novel, and I now have another favorite author. The first Mansell book I read was Rumour Has It (that review will be coming soon!). What I read recently was, Take A Chance On Me, and it was... really a great read! It revolves around different lovable characters in Channing’s Hill, England. Some of them include late twenty something Cleo Quinn, and her 15 year older sister Abbie. Each have their own complicated situations: Cleo with finally finding the possible ‘one’ but then her former school mate Johnny comes in the picture and moves back into the village, and for some reason she has these different feelings that were definitely not felt when they were in school. Then there’s Abbie, and after twenty years of beautiful and bliss happy marriage to her sweetheart since school, there is an unexpected situation that rises, and won’t go away. This is a delightful story that has twists and turns for not just these two, but for minor characters too, that just fit in perfectly. 

I loved this story, and wanted to read something with good feeling for the Holidays. This was a great and ideal read for the occasion. I loved the characters, especially Cleo as she may seem relatable to other women, from her younger self in school, to her older self and she finds herself in the same spot where she has been for the past few years. She runs into a school mate, Johnny, that made fun of her in class, but for some reason as the story moves along, she almost forgets those hard, embarrassing memories as she has moved on, and moves in a good direction, if I may add. I also liked the character, Johnny, and think you may as well as he turns to be a really kind person, and the scenes between he and Cleo are written perfectly. Yes, this was all just well written, and I enjoyed every page of it :)  
I have a link if you're interested to start reading this novel, so take a chance and buy this magnificent read:

My Rating: 4.8/5
My Audience Rating: PG-13

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