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Hello everyone. All of my Reviews, that I have yet to write, will be posted sporadically during the summer. After the end of this summer, I will not be posting on here anymore, as you will see the info on the right side of the blog.
Thanks for your understanding.

Guest Posts

These Guest Posts are from Blog Tours that I participated in or from Individual Writers and they are listed from A - Z with the title of the Novel/Film Topic first. Enjoy! :)

- A Life In The Service By: Roberta Pescow
Starting Out As A Writer: Five Things You Should Know 

- Abandon By: Stephanie Dorman
What are the challenges you face as a writer in your genre?

- Abraham's Men By: Kristen Selleck

- Allegiance By: K.A. Tucker

- An A To Z Of Life By: Sophie Pembroke
Guest Post 

- A Part To Play By: Jennifer L. Fry
Musical Influences for A PART TO PLAY 

- Battlefield By: J.F. Jenkins

- Blood And Guitars By: Heather Jensen

- Blue Aspen By: Tenaya Jayne
Guest Post

- Bounty Hunter By: Kate Lynd
What Is Bounty Hunter Really All About?

- Change Of Season By: A.C. Dillon
Character Run Down

- Circle Of Light By: Jennifer DeLucy
Guest Post 

- Curiosity Killed The Kat By: Elizabeth Nelson
Fame Or Fortune, Which Would You Prefer? 

- Dancing Naked In Dixie By: Lauren Clark 

- Destiny Unveiled By: Laura DeLuca
Guest Blog

- Diners, Dives & Dead Ends By: Terri L. Austin
Guest Post

- Dreamwalker By: Andrea Heltsley

- Dudes Down Under By: Suzannah Burke
Character Interview With Cyril 

- Elemental By: Kelbian Noel
Guest Post 

- Eolyn By: Karin Rita Gastreich
Warrior Magic

- Fire On The Island By: J.K. Hogan

- First Light By: Samantha Summers
Six words for First Light

- Forbidden Mind By: Kimberly Kinrade
The Top 100 YA Books… but are these really YA?  

- For Ever By: C.J. Valles

- Frozen Heart By: Annabelle Blume

- GPS WITH BENEFITS By: Vanessa Morgan
Guest Post

- Greta and the Goblin King By: Chloe Jacobs
Guest Post

- Her Game, His Rules By: Piper Shelly
You’re a writer? Then you better choose wisely!  

- Her Loving Husband's Curse By: Meredith Allard

- Hive By: Marc Davies
Guest Post

- Hollywood Ever After By: Sasha Summers

- Hope's Betrayal By: Grace Elliot

- I Am Junco Series By: J.A. Huss
Guest Post

- Katrina The Beginning By: Elizabeth Loraine 
Guest Blog

- Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot By: Guy Magar
Mandatory: An IQ Test for Politicians 

- Looper (Film)
Guest Post

- Living In Glass Houses By: Zoe McKnight
Guest Post 

- MISTAKEN By: J.A. Howell
Emerging from the Muck: Characters and Concepts in Mistaken

- Moa By: Tricia Stewart Shiu
The Story Behind Moa

- My Familiar Stranger & The Witch's Dream By: Victoria Danann

- My Favorite Mistake By: Chelsea M. Cameron
Music/Band Influences In My Favorite Mistake

- New Revelations By: Heather Topham Wood
How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane

- Nine Lives By: Shari Richardson

- Once Upon A Second Chance By: Marian Vere
Compare Or Contrast OUASC to PERSUASION

- One Pink Line By: Dina Silver
My Writing Cave 

- Open Door By: Christine Locke
Casting Call for Open Door, the Movie, by Christine Locke

- Oxford Whispers By: Marion Croslydon
What was your inspiration to write this novel? What about Oxford in particular? 

- Preservation By: Rachael Wade

- Picture Perfect By: Lucie Simone
Behind The Scenes

- Pulled By: A.L. Jackson
Guest Post

- Racing To Love By: Amy Gregory

- Reaping Me Softly By: Kate Evangelista

- Ride Of Your Life By: Shevi Arnold 

- 6 Seconds of Life By: Tonya Fitzharris
Why Book Covers are So Important 

- Saving Mary: The Possession By: Deidre D Havrelock

- Serenya's Song By: Mysti Parker 

- Shadowland By: CM Gray

- Shifted Perspective By: J. Bridger
Guest Post

- Sierra By: Taylor Dean
Guest Post

- Signs That Might Be Omens By: Billie Hinton
Writing to me is... 

- Stalk Me By: Jillian Dodd

- Starring In The Movie Of My Life By: Laurel Osterkamp

- Subversive The Warrior Book 3 By: Rebecca Royce

- Superheroes Wear Faded Denim By: Law Reigns
- Sykosa By: Justin Ordonez

- Taking Charge By: Mandy Baggot

- Tale of Lucia Grande By: Susan Speranza
What Do I Know?

- The 5 Biggest Box Office Bombs In Recent History
Film Guest Post

- The Burning of Isobel Key By: Jen McConnel
Guest Post

- The Devil's Metal By: Karina Halle
The Devil Metal's and 70's Films 

- The Flower Bowl Spell By: Olivia Boler

- The Gold Crucifix By: Nickie Fleming
- THE HALLOWED ONES By: Laura Bickle

- The Last Arakad By: Guillaume Wolf "Prof. G"

- The Last Degree By: Dina Rae
Conspiracy Theory: What’s up with the Denver Airport?

- The Last Sunset By: Bob Atkinson

- The Last Witch By: Debbie Dee
Halloween Guest Post 

- The Secret of Ella and Micha By: Jessica Sorensen
Book 2 Teaser

- The Sun, The Moon, and Maybe The Trains By: Rodney Jones
What was your inspiration for writing The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains and how did you get started?

- The Truth About Lilly Barnes By: Kimberly Russell

- Transition: The Chimera Hunters Series By: Megan S. Johnston
Guest Post: What Actors I See As My Characters 

- Two Moons Of Sera By: Pavarti K. Tyler
Genre Phobia

- Undeadly By: Michele Vail 
Your Zombie Movie or Mine?

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