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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A November Update!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since my last Update and I've got some new Updates to reveal, and some other News to share so here you go :)

Giveaways? Yes, please!

I will be hosting some really cool Giveaways this month and next so here's a little summary of what they will be and when the Giveaway will start:

- Make It Last By: Bethany Lopez
(November 12)
E-Book Copy (International) 

- Love Revolution By: Michelle Mankin
(November 14)
Print Copy & Brutal Strength Band Concert Bracelet (USA/CA Only)

- The Edge Of Never By: J.A. Redmerski
(November 15)
A Kindle or Nook Copy (International)

- Love And Relativity By: Rachael Wade
(December 12)
- 2 L&R E-Books
- 5 Signed L&R Bookmarks

And...My Winter Giveaway!

I'm so excited to host my own Giveaway again! I was going to host earlier this Month but decided December 2nd would be a better day, and to me it's a significant day and when you see the Giveaway Post that day, you'll know why :)

I think I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to give away and let me just say, there are some Paperbacks and a few DVDs. Those items will be open to USA residents. I will also have an International Giveaway and some E-Books opportunities will be said, so really be sure to come visit my Blog on December 2nd to see the what's being Given Away! :)

Now Onto Other News

As you will see on the left side bar, there is a little Blog Button. I finally created one, yes! It's very simple but feel free to grab it, if you like. 

I have recently participated in the Feature 'Feature & Follow' and it's been such a fun and cool experience and will continue to participate in it so if you have not yet checked out that feature, you definitely should, to meet cool people and follow really nice Blogs! 

You have probably seen the Film Buzz button above and have been wondering, where's a post! Well, I'm going to start working on that in Mid-December, after my semester in school is over, because I'll just definitely have more time to really put great Posts towards this Feature so until then!

I have created my own Feature: New Novels On My Shelf, and I'll try to post it on Sundays, again, I just need to find that pocket of time, so for now, feel free to check what Posts I have posted thus far and do comment because I really look forward to what you say :)

And...I think that's about it for now. I'll have another Update in December so comment below if you want to say anything about what's here. Thanks! :)


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