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Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far By: Bristol Palin, Nancy French

There are so many things to say here and I don’t know where to start. Well... first, I believe Palin has good messages for readers to take in. Her real life story spans before she was born to months ago. She writes about her tough obstacles that have shaped her to be who she is: a devoted Mom, and good individual. When I read this book I was really open minded. I like Bristol, and think she has gone through a lot for her age, which is near mine, and I can no way relate to what she went through, but I went through other type situations that made me feel what Palin felt: disappointed and frustrated. I believe mistakes is what shapes us, and there really is no wrong from a mistake at times, because there can be the greatest outcome that can come from it. Palin writes about how normal her family really is and how close they are, which is always great to hear, even though there can be difficulties within a family, they can work it out.  I admit, I am an avid Dancing With The Stars Fan, and really liked watching Palin (a non dancer to become a better one). At least she gave it her all, and it showed as she placed third in the competition. This book felt like a good and meaningful conversation, and it really is about one normal girl living her life, and then without wanting to being in the spotlight for things that can happen to anybody everyday. I write this from my own point of view, not from any political stances. I hope you read this book, it’s a good one! 

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