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Monday, November 19, 2012

Abandon By: Stephanie Dorman *Book Feature & Guest Post*

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Book Feature

Annalise never thought she’d live to see the apocalypse, but after the 2012 election she finds herself in a world that is falling apart. Riots are occurring everywhere and when her ex-boyfriend Cort texts her with an escape plan, she accepts the invite and follows him to the mountains of Western Maryland.
Once they make it to their destination though, everything is not as it seems. The power has gone out, cell phone service is non-existent, and the six friends find themselves trapped in a vacation home with no way to discover what is going on elsewhere in the United States.
Turns out, they might not really want to know after all…
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Genre – Zombies / ChickLit
Rating – PG13
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Author's Guest Post
What are the challenges you face as a writer in your genre?
by Stephanie Dorman
In writing my book, I found myself in an interesting predicament.  My book was a combination of chick-lit and the zombie genre.  As a female, I was prone to spending more time on the relationships between the characters, and developing them fully, than the whole ‘zombies are coming to eat your face off’ thing.  I spent a significant amount of time scouring the internet looking for examples of books like mine.  Where were the romances that took place in the middle of the zombie apocalypse?
I couldn’t find any – I found vampires, werewolves, witches and people with super natural powers.  I found books that had some romantic type of undercurrent but nothing where the main focus was the relationships of the characters.  Was it possible that I was creating a new genre, yet unheard of in the novel industry?
Then came publishing the book… you have to pick which genre you’re in.  Was my book sci-fi?  Was it suspense?  How about romance?  Was it all of the above?  What happens when I can only pick one?  More importantly, how will I market to my target audience?  Are you reading this guest post rolling your eyes thinking, “Who would want to read a romance set in the zombie apocalypse?” or are you thinking that maybe this is a book you should read?
Right now – I don’t have the answers to these questions.  It’s possible that my book becomes a best seller that creates a whole genre around it like Twilight.  Or maybe I find out that there really is no demand for a romance with zombies roaming around.  What I can tell you is that picking a genre is probably something that would have made marketing and advertising a little simpler for me and is something you should consider for your own book.

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