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Hello everyone. All of my Reviews, that I have yet to write, will be posted sporadically during the summer. After the end of this summer, I will not be posting on here anymore, as you will see the info on the right side of the blog.
Thanks for your understanding.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Take A Chance On Me By: Jill Mansell

I finished reading my second Jill Mansell novel, and I now have another favorite author. The first Mansell book I read was Rumour Has It (that review will be coming soon!). What I read recently was, Take A Chance On Me, and it was... really a great read! It revolves around different lovable characters in Channing’s Hill, England. Some of them include late twenty something Cleo Quinn, and her 15 year older sister Abbie. Each have their own complicated situations: Cleo with finally finding the possible ‘one’ but then her former school mate Johnny comes in the picture and moves back into the village, and for some reason she has these different feelings that were definitely not felt when they were in school. Then there’s Abbie, and after twenty years of beautiful and bliss happy marriage to her sweetheart since school, there is an unexpected situation that rises, and won’t go away. This is a delightful story that has twists and turns for not just these two, but for minor characters too, that just fit in perfectly. 

I loved this story, and wanted to read something with good feeling for the Holidays. This was a great and ideal read for the occasion. I loved the characters, especially Cleo as she may seem relatable to other women, from her younger self in school, to her older self and she finds herself in the same spot where she has been for the past few years. She runs into a school mate, Johnny, that made fun of her in class, but for some reason as the story moves along, she almost forgets those hard, embarrassing memories as she has moved on, and moves in a good direction, if I may add. I also liked the character, Johnny, and think you may as well as he turns to be a really kind person, and the scenes between he and Cleo are written perfectly. Yes, this was all just well written, and I enjoyed every page of it :)  
I have a link if you're interested to start reading this novel, so take a chance and buy this magnificent read:

My Rating: 4.8/5
My Audience Rating: PG-13

Friday, November 25, 2011

Remembrance By: Michelle Madow

This is my first book tour, and I am so thrilled to have had Michelle’s Madow’s story as my first novel to proudly praise! 

Madow’s debut novel, Remembrance, was beyond wonderful; I simply couldn’t put it down! The protagonist, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Davenport lives in Pembrooke, New Hampshire, is about 17 years old, and on the first day of school locks eyes with her meant to be love, Drew. The only problem is: she has a steady boyfriend of three years, Jeremy, and a best friend (Chelsea) that also has her eyes on Drew. What a story right? But there’s more! When Drew and Lizzie lock eyes that first moment in first period history class, they had locked eyes before, not in this lifetime, but in early 1800’s England. I told you there was more to this remarkable story :)  I have given some of the important elements that build this story, but you must read, because even though Lizzie and Drew feel like they should be together (but of course have not told each other yet…) they still have hefty obstacles, hurdles to go over, because there is Jeremy and Chelsea in the way. This story is wonderfully written, and you will be reading the first of a series, as I believe there will be a second book coming out soon.

Well, I must say, WOW this was a great read! I just finished it early this morning, and I mean early. I got hooked from chapter 1! I think introducing Drew that early in the story really catches the reader, and it creates more emotions/feelings from Lizzie. Madow has a beautiful gift, and that is her writing style, everything flows very nicely. There was a great amount of action and feelings from the characters that made the story move along, and feel realistic with a mystical twist. I love the comparison of Lizzie and Drew to Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, very brilliant. This was all around a creative idea, and as mentioned in her about page, it was from Taylor Swifts beloved song “Love Story.” Yes, this is truly a novel not to be missed, I encourage you read it, you will most definitely not be disappointed!

I have an amazon link below, where you can purchase this magnificent read, enjoy  :)

My Rating: 4.5/5
My Rating For Audiences: PG

Friday, October 28, 2011

Update Needed!

Hello all,

It has been a while since my last post, I know. I have been so caught up with work at my college. Yes, I'm a college student in my third year. I'm taking more units than usual this semester, and one I must say is Creative Writing: Fiction. This is one course that is prepping me to actually write out one of my many story ideas. I'm happy to say that I'm writing the first chapter, and soon will be critiqued at an upcoming workshop next month. I'm pretty excited! Out of the many ideas I have written since high school, I'm confident on one that came to me this past summer. These past few weeks have been pretty encouraging, and I'm just delighted to continue on this path.

I'm new to blogging (since August) and have really enjoyed my first couple of months. I have always wanted to write my opinion and recommend great novels, films, tv shows, music etc. Now is my opportunity, and thus far, it has been very satisfying. There is more to come!  :)

Another thing I want to mention: I'm participating in a book tour and can't wait! It's for Author Michelle Madow's novel, Remembrance. My date is on November 25, so tune in, and for the other blogs before/after me, as there are many blogs featuring Remembrance. I have a link attached here to her site, so you can check out Michelle's Blog and the tour dates with the different Blogs that will be featured. November will be an eventful month, hope to hear from you!



Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Good Wife Season One

I just finished watching the first season of The Good Wife, and I wonder: Why have I not seen this show before! It’s such a great idea for TV! This show illustrates to us what happens to the Politicians wife once a scandal has hit public. We see through the media of this situation and some may think: What is going to happen to the wife? How will she deal with this major change in her life and for her family? What is she thinking? Some may or may not think of these questions, but this show gives the answers. It includes the main character, Alicia Florrick, who is the spouse of a popular State Attorney of Illinois, Peter Florrick. He gets intertwined into two separate scandals, and is sent to jail. Alicia is then left with her two teenagers, and is the main figure of the house. She has not been by herself like this for about fifteen years. She goes back to work as a Junior Litigator at Lockhart and Gardner Law Firm. She works with one of her classmates and friend from Georgetown University, WiIl Gardner. This season deals with very interesting and intense cases. Each episode really makes you think along with the characters as they are trying to fight justice for their clients. Some of the episodes deal with Peter, as his own case is gradually being dealt with, and Alicia is wondering if she wants her husband back once he comes back home. All in all, the cast is phenomenal! The actors are all great and play their characters realistically, and you’ll see that from just the first episode. I highly recommend this show, for those have been interested, I’m saying watch it! It’s incredible! I plan to watch the second season soon, and hopefully will catch up on this third season that’s now back on TV. Down below there's a link to where you can purchase the first season. It includes six discs with deleted scenes and a documentary of the making of this show, the casting and everything like that. Hope you enjoy it, as I have! :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far By: Bristol Palin, Nancy French

There are so many things to say here and I don’t know where to start. Well... first, I believe Palin has good messages for readers to take in. Her real life story spans before she was born to months ago. She writes about her tough obstacles that have shaped her to be who she is: a devoted Mom, and good individual. When I read this book I was really open minded. I like Bristol, and think she has gone through a lot for her age, which is near mine, and I can no way relate to what she went through, but I went through other type situations that made me feel what Palin felt: disappointed and frustrated. I believe mistakes is what shapes us, and there really is no wrong from a mistake at times, because there can be the greatest outcome that can come from it. Palin writes about how normal her family really is and how close they are, which is always great to hear, even though there can be difficulties within a family, they can work it out.  I admit, I am an avid Dancing With The Stars Fan, and really liked watching Palin (a non dancer to become a better one). At least she gave it her all, and it showed as she placed third in the competition. This book felt like a good and meaningful conversation, and it really is about one normal girl living her life, and then without wanting to being in the spotlight for things that can happen to anybody everyday. I write this from my own point of view, not from any political stances. I hope you read this book, it’s a good one! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Great Novels By: Ann Brashares

The Great Novels By: Ann Brashares

List of Books I’ve Read:

- The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
- The Second Summer of the Sisterhood
- Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
- Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
- Sisterhood Everlasting (latest book in the series)
- My Name is Memory

The first book I had ever read by Ann Brashares was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I had actually seen the film first (came out in 2005). I loved the cast and the story and one summer read all four of them. How do I summarize all of them in just a couple of sentences? hmm... Well it all started when four pregnant mothers went to the same fitness studio and from then on remained friends throughout the years, as their daughters became best friends: Lena, Bridget, Tibby, and Carmen. The story actually begins when they are sixteen years old, and are about to embark their summers but will not see much of each other as they all have different things going on, but don’t want to lose touch. So they think of a brilliant plan. A pair of normal jeans are bought and interestingly they each fit perfectly in them regardless of their different shapes. With this one pair of jeans, they will send it to each other when they need it the most. This exchange goes on for about four summers, to the fourth book, and there once something precious is lost, they realize that the only thing keeping them going was themselves, and the inner persona that was always there but was hidden. Well that was more than a few sentences. I love these characters, but must admit my favorite one is Lena Kaligaris. I found myself identifying with her the most on: personal identity, trust, and love. It just never seemed the right time for her and Kostos (love interest), and that situation increases with the next and newest novel in this series that came out this summer, Sisterhood Everlasting. Here the story moves ten years from the last time we read these characters on paper. The best friends are about twenty-nine now and each are finding it hard to see one another as they all live in different cities, states, and Tibby even lives out of the country in Australia. I believe this was a good conclusion to the series, but maybe it’s not the last one? (fingers crossed)? Anyways Lena, Carmen, and Bridget all go through their different withdrawals when something happens to Tibby (Not saying what). These three young women who thought they were happy with their current lives realize they are not where they want to be. With help from Tibby, these three find their destinies, and I must say and yes I am bias here, I love what happens to Lena. She finally discovers herself and shuts the door to all of her insecurities that were shadowing her from finding true happiness. This was a great story to the series, hopefully you will read them if you had not before. 

Another novel that I read this past spring was, My Name Is Memory. This was very well written, I recommend it! It was so interesting! I loved this different type of story, and am so glad it’s written. This story made me wonder about the subject: soul mates and finding that one you were meant to be with. The main character Daniel knows that this love exists as he has loved the same girl for centuries, but they actually have never been an exclusive couple. Daniel has a really good memory, some sort of gift. He remembers all of his past lives and even recognizes souls he has known before, and are now reincarnated. What a gift! He has lived through history in different countries. Somehow he and Lucy do cross paths in some of their past lives, their souls cross paths as of course they look different in each life. Daniel knows he is meant to be with Lucy, but there are always obstacles from making that happen. Even in the present life in the present time, Lucy doesn’t understand why she always feels connected to Daniel when around him, but doesn’t really know who he is. I was immediately surprised how much I loved this book, and have heard rumors that it might become a series. If that is true, I along with many others would be extremely happy, as the end of this story made me feel there is more to this fantastic story. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park By: Cindy Jones

I’m interested into reading how Jane Austen’s stories and characters are portrayed into todays novels. One good example would be The Jane Austen Club by Karen Joy Fowler. After viewing the film when it came out, I have been eager to read it. For now, I have read a charming tale that includes Austen’s Mansfield Park. This is the debut novel for Author Cindy Jones. Her story made me feel I was reading a 19th Century story with a 21st Century twist. It took me to the main character, Lily Berry. She is a woman that some can identify with: feeling lost and not knowing your place in this world, becoming someone you thought you would never be, and having the strength to say no! Wouldn’t you love to go to England for the summer if given the opportunity? I certainly would, and that is what Lily does. She goes to England, leaving her Texas background to become a Jane Austen character.

My there is so much to say, but I don’t want to ruin it for you, so hmm here is a little sketch. Lily goes to an all summer live theatre where there is a Jane Austen novel being acted out. And it would of course be Mansfield Park. I’m very pleased that Jones put a brief synopsis of the story at the beginning of the novel, for I had forgotten what happens and how it ends. Anyways... Lily goes there and hopes to act (even without big acting experience), but gets derailed by snooty Magda who helps run this festival. After a week or two being in England, things start to go wrong for Lily, and she wants to go back home, until she meets Willis. From there a love forms and it starts to bloom, but there always has to be something going wrong, as there is in a Jane Austen novel. I have left many details out, but that is for you to find out. This lovely story will captivate you and may even soothe you. I definitely learned something here, and that included on finding your real self. I hope you will read it either for a distraction or if you are a big Jane Austen fan, this will not be a problem for you. :)

My Rating: 4.4/5
My Rating For Audiences: PG-13

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First Post!

My first posting on my first blog! I’m new at this, but will be learning as I go! :) On here there are going to be posts of recent films I’ve seen and novels I have read. There might be a big overload at first, as I have written a few but did not have anywhere to place them. Now that I have, I’m excited to be putting them on here, and hope anyone that reads this will comment, and add what your thoughts are. I would love to read what you write. As a college student, I’m hoping this will be good practice for me, as I’m studying to be a writer. Enjoy! :)
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