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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Change Of Season By: A.C. Dillon *Character Run Down

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Book Description
(From Goodreads)

“Ten months. Two hundred and ninety-nine days. Seven thousand, one hundred and seventy-six hours. Four hundred and thirty thousand, five hundred and sixty minutes. Perhaps not as melodic as Larson’s rock musical anthem, but it is how I will measure a year at Casteel… I will measure in time, because it is my only constant between the old Autumn and the now Autumn. I will measure by changes of season.”

Sixteen-year-old Autumn Brody has enrolled at Casteel Preparatory Academy, a prestigious boarding school with a focus on the arts, for her grade eleven year but the move isn’t recreational. Her choice was made in a desperate bid for the survival of herself and her family, who remain oblivious to the looming threat against them. In her self-imposed exile, Autumn must remain invisible – “a Chbosky wallflower” – or more blood will cling to her hands.

Forced into a behavioural reform program at the Academy by her frantic parents, Autumn refuses to whisper of the ghosts haunting her. But the troubled young woman soon finds that there are more reasons to fear the night than she ever dared imagine. A student cries out in anguish through the walls, rousing her from restless slumber. Mysterious messages seem to land near her feet – messages from a supposedly dead girl that Autumn sees darting into darkened service corridors. And yet, the reclusive film student she literally runs into might just be the gravest danger of all.

As past bleeds into present, Autumn uncovers truths long buried behind the door of room 308. Secrets that someone will kill to keep silent – someone who stalks Autumn’s every move, patiently waiting to strike…

A.C. Dillon's Character Run Down

Change Of Season is a character-driven book, without question.  While we’re inside of Autumn Brody’s head for the book, three others play key roles in her journey. 

Veronica St. Clair
Every protagonist needs an ally, someone loyal and talented in her own right.  Veronica is Autumn’s guide to Casteel Preparatory Academy and a living touchstone.  She provides grounding and a means of discerning reality from nightmares.  She also serves as a role model and a little intoxicated comic relief, as needed.  If this book was a Shakespearean play, she’d be a wise Fool.

Marianna “Miraj” Winterside
Returning to Shakespeare, Miraj (as she prefers to be called) would be the Mercutio to Autumn’s troubled Romeo:  she brings acerbic wit with a firm reality check to the table.  She’s the strong woman Autumn wishes she could be:  free, feisty and forward.  She’s akin to that overprotective big brother with a devilish side.  The Dean Winchester to Autumn’s Sam, for Supernatural fans.  When Autumn’s at a standstill, Miraj kicks her back into gear.

Andrew Daniels
Andrew is the one person who’s going to prove that everything Autumn clings to as truth is wrong, one way or another.  He’s a kindred spirit for her.  While Veronica understands her and cares for her, Andrew has lived in the very same shadows.  There’s a depth to her experiences in the book that only he can fully appreciate, and she needs that desperately.  She’s a writer without the words for her confusion, and Andrew provides the language for her.  

About The Author
(From Goodreads)

A.C. Dillon is an insomnia-driven Canadian author who enjoys parlaying personal sleeplessness into keeping readers from their own slumber. When not sending a laptop into steaming fits of overworked rage, A.C. can be found listening to a formidable music collection or watching Empire Records for the 338th time. 


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    1. Hope you do read it; thanks for stopping by! :]


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