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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Hand in the Bush By: Beverly Cialone *Interview & Giveaway*

*Hi everyone! I'm so happy to post an Interview I had with Author Beverly Cialone. Her Erotic Romance Novel: A Hand in the Bush is already published, through Everheart Books. I also will be hosting an International Giveaway where 1 Lucky Winner will win 1 Signed Digital Copy of this Novel, so I hope you Enter, and only Adults (18+) will be allowed to enter, due to Erotic Content, so here you go! :)

Book Description

ISBN ebook: 978-1-926760-91-9
FICTION | Erotic Romance
Word Count: 35,000
List Price: $3.99
Released: October 2012

Robert, an attractive, confident, and brilliant doctor meets a gorgeous, kind, and comic Becca for the first time under surreal circumstances. Although the two are familiar with one another thanks to the power of the Internet, Becca is in a car accident on her way from the airport to meet Robert. After Robert tends to Becca, the two spend the remainder of their two weeks together hitting it off. While Becca is captivated by Robert and his bedroom, past conflicts come back to haunt her upon her landing home in South Carolina. Together Robert and Becca try to maneuver the challenges placed before their blossoming relationship.

My Interview With Beverly Cialone

- Tell us a little about you : )
I’m 45 and live in South Carolina.  I have lived in the same town for my entire life.  I have a fiancĂ©, two sons, three adorable granddaughters, and my parents are still alive, even though they are getting close to 80 and my father suffers from Alzheimer’s.  I work part time for the US Postal Service as a Rural Mail Carrier.  When I’m not working I write, and I also enjoy playing The Sims on my computer, as well as bowling, shooting pool, swimming, watching TV/movies, listening to music, and attending dirt track races.  I also love to travel, especially to the coast.  Myrtle Beach, SC, is three hours away from me, and I try to make a trip down there at least once a year.  My latest trip in September inspired my idea for yet another book I’m working on.

-  What inspired you to write A Hand In The Bush?
I felt it would be interesting and challenging to write a romance and include someone that I know in the book.  My fiance Robert is portrayed as the main character in this book.  Some of his aspects in the book are fiction, and some are real.  He does have black hair and brown eyes, and he is quite skilled in Reiki and massage.  Robert’s level of wit and intelligence matches that of the character in the book.

- How long did it take to write?
It took me approximately six months or less to write A Hand In The Bush.

- What scene or character was the most fun writing?
I enjoyed writing the entire book, but writing the interactions between Robert and Becca were the most enjoyable.

- When did you first decide that you wanted to become a writer?
I began writing as a very young child (around age 9).  By the time I realized that I had a true talent for writing, I was already in high school.  I continued to write after graduating from high school, and when I returned to college late in life (30’s), I discovered that I still had a knack for writing well, as I made straight A’s in all my English classes.  I made a promise to myself that I was going to become published by the time I reached age 40.  I was a couple of years late achieving my goal, but I still achieved it nonetheless.

- What are you currently working on?
Right now I am working on book 4 in my Sangria Nights series, which is going to allow my readers to delve into the characters’ psyches.  I am hoping it goes over well with my readers.  I am also working on a book about a female race car driver that is going to have a local setting and is going to feature our local dirt racing speedway.  I am hoping to have that book finished by March of next year, as racing season starts then, and I am planning to promote the book myself at the race track.

- Who are your favorite Authors?
My favorite authors are Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks, Robin Cook, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz.

- What are your favorite genres to read?
I enjoy reading romance, but what prompted me to actually take my own writing seriously was when I was reading a romance novel and became utterly disgusted with what I was reading.  I threw the book down and said to myself, “I can write better than that!”  The rest is history.  I also enjoy reading non-fiction, poetry, horror, and anything intriguing.  If it makes me think, I enjoy it.

- What Romance Novel can you read once or twice a year?
Anything by Danielle Steel.

- Are you currently reading anything, if yes, what?
While I have a vast collection of books, I haven’t read anything worthwhile as of late.  The most recent book I read was “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?”  And of course, once my own work is officially available, my editor sends me a copy, and I love reading the finished product.

- What is your favorite film?
My favorite films are Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2, The Green Mile, and The Devil’s Advocate.

- What films, that will come out soon, do you look forward to watch?
Alex Cross, Men In Black 3, Chernobyl Diaries, Prometheus, and The Apparition.

- What TV show(s) do you have to watch every week?
Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy

Quick Qs

- Coffee or Tea?
Definitely Tea—Southern Style Sweet Tea, loaded with sugar, cold with no ice

- Print or E-Book?

- Fifty Shades or Bared To You?
Since I’m not familiar with Bared, and I’m not exactly a fan of Fifty Shades, I have to say neither.  

Giveaway (INT.)
(This is for 18+)


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  3. Very Nice interview...Beverly Cialone is my mother in law :)

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