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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bounty Hunter by Kate Lynd *Promo & Guest Post*

Bounty Hunter
Kate Lynd

Genre: Sci-fi erotic romance

Publisher: Hydra Publications


Number of pages: 142
Word Count: 41,559
Cover Artist: Frank Hall                 

Book Description:

Dare to fall in love. Dare to change the world.

Logan Mitchell doesn’t like to mess around when it comes to business. He is a rarity, a half-breed human/alien who has survived the purge. The product of an illicit affair between a charismatic human rebel and a sympathetic female alien from the planet Lonegal he is an outsider. He is a bounty hunter, and he is the best at what he does.

Enslaved from the age of fifteen, Alabama Newsome is a half-breed who’s managed to escape once and exact her revenge on the killer of her human mother and Lonegal father. Labeled a terrorist she was recaptured, tortured, and made to suffer for her actions. With the help of Logan’s imprisoned father she escapes once again and General Runyon wants her back. She’s pregnant with his child and he’s sure she’ll abort it.

When her case file comes across Logan’s desk he’s forced to deal with the truth mixed in with the lies. And he must decide, bring her in, or risk everything just to save her life.

Short Excerpt:

Logan Mitchell didn’t like to f**k around when it came to business. He was a rarity, a half-breed human/alien who had survived the purge.

The product of an illicit affair between a charismatic human rebel and a sympathetic female alien from the planet Lonegal he was an outsider. He carried his father’s good looks and his mother’s iridescent blue eyes. His skin was tanned and he had the strength of the Lonegal alien race. He carried his father’s name. It was the only thing he had of his father’s as he’d been one of the first victim’s of the purge. He’d sacrificed himself so that his pregnant mother could escape. And charismatic rebel leader or not, all half-breed’s were regarded with disdain and disgust by much of both sides of his genealogical tree.

Faced by discrimination on both sides he took the only job open to most Lonegal half-breeds. The profession of a bounty hunter. Lonegalians were known for their tracking capabilities, especially when crossbred with humans.
The natural inquisitiveness of his human nature coupled with a thirst for vengeance that knew no bounds left him driven and crippled and burdened with a need to make all Lonegal criminals suffer, and the frail human ones pay for their debt to society.
Logan was good at what he did. He was one of the best, if not the best. And after laying waste to the planet Earth, a place still trying to recover from the rape of its natural resources, a planet he called home, he wanted the bastards responsible to pay. And those who had the misfortune of being left behind were first on his hit list.
He walked into his office and let the door slam behind him. Located in Kentucky one would never know it. The Lonegals had strip mined every last it of it, then cleared out most of the forested area. He smelled coffee. His secretary, Elizabeth must’ve come in. She was good at what she did. Research, errands, interviews. She did a lot of foot work, that quite frankly he didn’t have the personality for.
He poured himself a cup of coffee a picked up the pack of cigarettes sitting next to the pot. Like clockwork he thought.

He went to his desk and kicked the door shut and plopped down in his chair and lit up and took a long hard drag. He opened his desk drawer. The Jack Daniels was missing. “Elizabeth!” He shouted more than a little annoyed.

Elizabeth was old enough to be his mother and sometimes she had this annoying habit of trying to act like her. Truth be told he didn’t want to think about his mother. Or be reminded of her. It was too hard. Emotions period were too hard. So he tended not to think of his parents much at all. Although, at moments like these he couldn’t help but be reminded of them.

“Logan you’re going to need everything you got to track this one down,” Elizabeth said dropping the file on his desk.
The bounty hunter community had once been linked by an interglobal computer database. But once the humans drove the Lonegals off of the planet they decided to kill the internet as the world had once known it in hopes that it kept other interested aliens at bay. So far it had worked, at least, they thought it had.
He picked up the file and opened it. “What’s her crime?”
“She was labeled a terrorist by the Lonegals and she was supposed to a part of the bounty the Lonegals took in return for a mass release of human slaves.”
“Alabama Newsome what did you do to piss off my mother’s people?” He asked out loud. “Escaped Lonegal prison. Responsible for the deaths of two Lonegals. Has evaded capture on multiple occasions. Seems to have a sympathetic support base. Political criminal. Known contacts: Logan Mitchell Sr. Update: Still missing, Logan Mitchell Sr.- recently deceased January 2025.” He closed the file and let the gravity of what he’d just read set in. The woman in the picture couldn’t be much more than thirty years old. Which would have made her not even thought of when his father was first taken prisoner in his mother’s place. Yet if what he was to have read was correct his thought dead father had only recently died. He would’ve been sixty years old. He opened the file again. Why wouldn’t he have gotten in touch with his mother? He flipped the page. Alabama believed to be a Lonegal-Human half-breed. Also believed to be pregnant with Mitchell’s child. Early stage of pregnancy. Wanted alive for testing purposes.
He exhaled and closed the file. “Elizabeth.”
She set the bottle down on the desk. “Keep in mind that Lonegal General listed will be here in about an hour to talk about it.”

The Author's Guest Post

What Is Bounty Hunter Really All About?

Cowboys & Aliens was a film with a hero in the Clint Eastwood mold. The Man Without A Name kind of feel. And the movie excelled at what it was attempting to do which was mash up to different genres and it inspired my first sci-fi erotic romance in No Ordinary Love and eventually a full novel in Bounty Hunter, my first print book. And it all started from the trailer above.

But what is Bounty Hunter really all about? I wrote a short about Bounty Hunter and Lea said I wasn’t ready to self-publish. Did I resent the comment? Of course I did? I was arrogant enough to believe I didn’t need to develop any further. The irony was, by allowing the story to cook longer I rewrote a longer piece and snagged a print contract in the process. So I actually have Lea to thank for having me heed a better path and Frank for the contract giving me ebook, print, and audio versions of my book.

Bounty Hunter tells the tale of Logan Mitchell a haf-breed human-alien who tracks criminals of both ilk down without much care for what happens to them once they leave his care. But when half-breed Alabama Newsome’s case comes across his desk he is forced to challenge himself on long held beliefs and must decide, turn her over, or face certain death himself and save her life.

As I went along writing it I realized it was becoming a statement on how society treated the ‘other’ and how people who did not look like the majority as second class citizens. At how cultures treat other cultures and how they treat one another. Where do the offspring of these cultures fit and are they treated fairly.

When it comes to Logan his parents loved one another but his mother has always led him to believe his father, a charismatic resistance leader, was dead. The Lonegals exploit that lie and try to lead him down a path where he would become angry and throw Alabama to the wolves but upon meeting her he realizes she is much more complex than the lie and decides to use his skills as a hunter to find out the truth.

Seemingly with all of society on both sides of the family tree working against them I wasn’t sure until I wrote the last page if they were going to end up together. But as the story wound down I realized my own beliefs were at play here. I had given them allies along the way. Even though they were not perfect allies they were allies nonetheless. So if I wanted an optimistic outcome I could give them one.

When two sides have such distaste for one another and one is so clearly in the wrong it is hard to believe that anyone on the other side will make a positive decision. I made my decision in the story and it was emotionally satisfying. I hope you will take the opportunity to check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Author Bio:

Kate Lynd is an award winning blogger and 2nd place finisher in the 2011 Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice Award for Best Romance Short Story for No Ordinary Love. She also writes as Amy McCorkle. Her books include 2012 Moondance International Film Festival Semi-Finalist Another Way to Die, and Set Fire to the Rain. GLADIATOR is her most recent release with Bounty Hunter, her first print book due out in October.

Her official website is, reviews, guest posts, and her random thoughts are posted at her blog,, and she is peppered all over Facebook and Twitter under Amy Leigh McCorkle and @Kate_Lynd.

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