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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Crimson Hunt (Eldaen Light Chronicles #1) By: Victoria H. Smith *Author Guest Post & Tour-Wide Giveaway*

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The Crimson Hunt by Victoria H. Smith 
Series: Eldaen Light Chronicles, #1
Publication date: November 8th 2012

College junior Ariel Richmond is working on year three of Project Normalcy.

Her house reeks of keggers past and her bestie is just a slight bit vulgar. But the thing is—they both aid in making life refreshingly uneventful.

So much for hard-earned mediocrity when Luca Grinaldi appears on the scene.

Luca’s sudden presence on campus is hard to ignore. Those bright eyes act like a beacon to unsuspecting females, and with features like his, he’s got to be moonlighting for GQ. Luca hopelessly captivates Ariel with his confidence and charisma, but the mysteries surrounding him make him nearly untouchable. And just when Ariel grows close enough to unlock his secrets, a tragic event sends her life in a downward spiral.

That steady life is no longer an option and allies quickly become scarce. The mysterious Luca seems to be the only one willing to help her—but with that trust comes the burden of his secrets. He has a dark mission of otherworldly proportions, and is willing to sacrifice as many lives as it takes to see it completed.

Gone are the days of simply maintaining normalcy, and if Ariel isn’t cautious with her trust, so soon may be her future.
The Crimson Hunt is a New Adult Science Fiction Romance.

Check out This Author Guest Post :)

Victoria’s Favorite Sci-Fi Films with Romance!

Hi, and thanks so much for having me on your blog today!

I absolutely adore science fiction films. Add an awesome romance and you have a winner for me. I just gobble these tales up so I decided to share a few of my favorite science fiction films with a romance sub-trend. The Crimson Hunt is a science fiction romance, so I knew when I wrote it I wanted action, suspense, and a whole lot of lovin,’ and I feel all of the movies below have that. Hope you enjoy them!

Jake and Neytiri are adorable and I absolutely love them.

Who could forget Uhura and Spock! Such a cute couple.

Anakin and Padme. It’s so great to see the romantic side of future Darth Vader.

Alexander’s love for Emma is the whole reason he builds a time machine, which means love can inspire greatness.

A sci-fi romantic comedy set in the distant future about timers that are inserted into your wrists. These timers countdown to the second when you will find your soul mate. Such a great concept and story.

About The Author
Victoria H. Smith has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She puts it to good use writing romance all day. She resides in the Midwest with her Macbook on her lap and a cornfield to her right. She often draws inspiration for her stories from her own life experiences, and the twenty-something characters she writes give her an earful about it.

In her free time, she enjoys extreme couponing, blogging, reading, and sending off a few tweets on Twitter when she can. She writes new adult fiction romance in the sub-genres of science fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary, but really, anywhere her pen takes her she goes. Her new adult science fiction romance, The Crimson Hunt, will be published November 2012.

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  1. Avatar rocked so hard I loved it in 3D! My husband is the biggest Star Wars fan ever he would love you! :)

  2. This sounds like a pretty good book :) I love the cover! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for joining giveaway! Remember you can do a daily tweet for my Giveawaythrough the rafflecopter form on my blog to earn more points ;)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

    1. It is a lovely cover :)
      Thank you for posting such a cool giveaway and I'll make sure to tweet daily until its over :)
      And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Good list of films! I'm excited to see The Host since I loved the book so much


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