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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Novels On My Shelf *20*

I know there are other memes, that includes where we got our books from, in the past week, and for me, back in July 2012, I just wanted to organize my New Books, my own way, and I came up with this simple Title: New Novels On My Shelf

I will usually post on Sundays, on what I received this past week, including: Books for Upcoming Blog Tours I will participate in; ARCs via NetGalley/EdelweissE-Books/Print Copies from Authors for Reviews, Kindle Freebies & Books I Purchased Myself!...So here you Go :)

*Click The Covers To Check The Book Descriptions!*

*I didn't have the time to post last weekend, so here's 2 weeks worth of New Novels :) *

For Upcoming Blog Tours
(Thanks to the Authors, for providing Review/Finished Copies)

NetGalley/Edelweiss ARCs
(Thanks to the Publishers, for providing these ARCs/Review Copies)

Author Request
(Thanks, Cinthia!)

A Read For Sometime In The Future
(Thanks, Heather!)

Kindle Freebie
(This Was Free For A Limited Amount Of Time)

I Won This In a Giveaway!
(Thanks to the NA Alley & The Author!)

My Purchases
(I have to admit, I already read On Every Street, And Wowza!...that's all.)

**Also, want to mention these Titles I am sharing, I will Review in the future or in the upcoming months and I will give a truthful Review. I do all of this with my free time, and love it!** 

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