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Hello everyone. All of my Reviews, that I have yet to write, will be posted sporadically during the summer. After the end of this summer, I will not be posting on here anymore, as you will see the info on the right side of the blog.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ok Here Goes...I'm taking a Break.

Hello everyone. Well for the past couple of days, I have had trouble with my feedburner. A few days ago I noticed that I had 0 Rss readers when I used to have 500 and now I'm having trouble with my feedburner, as I said. It's been frustrating and I'm not a natural tech person so I'm on my own. There's no email or contact number for blogger, and I guess the reason for all of this is I exceeded their 512k file limit (whatever that means) and I followed the direction to well limit it but I couldn't find a certain area on my feedburner page and... I just want a rest lol 

I'm actually on spring break right now and am thinking I'm just going to switch over to Wordpress. I don't know. Things like this just make me not want to blog but I'm trying to have a positive attitude, but its not working. Anyway, I do have blog posts scheduled this week but since I'm going to make this transition, I'm going to have to postpone them or something as I just don't have the extra energy to post them. If you have followed my blog you know that I post a lot so this is definitely a concern I have.

I guess my question, it might be obvious, but if I switch over to Wordpress, will I be able to switch over past blog posts? It would be a shame and a waste to lose them all. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.


With that said ahh this is hard to do, but I will be taking a break right now from my blog. I won't be participating in memes, or the few I do partipate in. I will send emails to blog tour schedulers/other people and post reviews later. Soon, I will update the tabs and other stuff. The giveaways on my left tab will continue until they end. I have I just am frustrated with blogger and need to either move this blog over or start something new.

Other reasons I'm taking an unscheduled break:

- before I started a blog, I wanted to write my different stories. I've mentioned that I have a few binders, full of ideas/characters/plots and well they're just there and a couple of stories want to come out so I really gotta write more if I want to do this.

- I am a college student as well and need to also focus more of my time right now on my studies.

- I have a personal situation that I'm going through and it's been a hard one to get through. I don't discuss my life, except little details through my updates and a few memes but its just something that I am trying to get through and a break would definitely help.

- finally you may know that I haven't posted a message like this so maybe you'll see that it's serious on my part and right now, because of this sudden need for a break, I don't know what I will do with future posts but I will post something about that perhaps later in the week.

Thanks everyone for your understanding


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