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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review of: The Last Of His Kind By: Alexandra Stewart

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Title: The Last Of His Kind
Author: Alexandra Stewart
Publisher: Self
Length: 188 Pages
Genres: Paranormal Erotic Romantic Suspense 


When Vanessa Morrow bumps into gentle hunk Christopher at the grocery store, she never expects a pleasant exchange of words to blossom into a steaming night of passion. But in Christopher, she finds not just a blisteringly hot sexual partner, she finds herself drawn into a war she never knew existed, and hunted by a man who will stop at nothing to catch his prey, even if it means putting her -- and everyone she holds dear -- in the line of fire. 

Steamy, fast-paced, and powerful, this debut by a fresh new voice in romantic fiction is sure to thrill.

They passed through the gate. She forced herself to focus only on Christopher’s silver BMW. It was two car lengths down the street. It was pointed the opposite direction, on the opposite side of the road, as the Mercedes.
One step down the sidewalk, two steps.
A second after they passed through it, the gate slammed itself shut behind him. Vanessa jumped so hard her purse nearly slid off her shoulder.
A second later, a second sound: a car’s wheels turning on gravel, a car’s engine coming down the road behind them.
A third second, a third sound: a click. A car door opening.
She knew which door it was. She couldn’t keep herself from turning.
A man stepped out of the Mercedes: tall, blonde hair, in a black three-piece suit. A gun in his hand. He moved like a ghost. In one minute, the door of the car was opening. Less than a second later, he was out of the car and aiming at her. He braced the gun on the roof of the car. She didn’t see him moved between the two points.
It was like he had mesmerized her. She couldn’t think. It was all so surreal, this whole affair, this sudden change in an instant, it was so jarring. She kept saying, It isn’t really happening.
And then she heard Christopher shout:
“Vanessa, get down!”

(End Of Excerpt) 

My Review: 
This was a fun, fast-paced story.The characters, Vanessa and Christopher, were written really well; I can see their connection in chapter 1, and I saw how it progressed into the last page (literally). Yes, there are some steamy scenes and there is a paranormal twist to them, which was new, and you just gotta read it and see what I mean. With this said, I do recommend this for adults (18 yrs. and older). Aside from the romance, this was definitely a suspenseful film with the aspect of being chased by the Antagonist, of whom was well described, and I understood why (Luther) was dead set on chasing Christopher, and now new threat, Vanessa. We also read about a long filled family history which was very intriguing, and we see what is meant by the title: The Last Of His Kind. This was a good story, and it will keep you wanting to know more as you turn each page! 

*My Rating: 3.5/5
*My Audience Rating: I would say R (Adult Content)

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About The Author:
Alexandra Stewart is an author from rural Washington State, now living in Texas with her husband and four dogs. The Last of His Kind is her first novel. She can be reached at

This Book Is Available At:

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