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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Iridescent (Ember #2) By: Carol Oates *Review & Giveaway*

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Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by! Today I'm one of many Tour Hosts hosting Carol Oates's Iridescent Blog Tour, presented by ATOMR! Here you will see my Review and you have a chance to win an E-Copy of this great story, so look for that down below! :)

Book Description

Candra Ember used to dream of saving the world one person at a time. She never expected to become an angelic weapon and the last hope in the battle against ultimate darkness.

Falling for a Nephilim wasn’t part of Sebastian’s plan. Distraction is something he can’t afford when his rival, Draven, wants what Sebastian has.

Lies, manipulation, and corruption are twisting the lives of the citizens in Acheron. The Arch is missing from Heaven, and a demon is intent on claiming the city. At a time they should be growing closer, grief and paranoia is driving Candra and Sebastian apart.

If the price of restoring the Watchers to Heaven is a human soul, who deserves to be saved?

*Thank you to the Publisher for providing an ARC*
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After reading Ember, I just remember, looking forward to reading this next story, to continue Candra and Sebastian's story, and let me say first, this was pretty Awesome! It just was! I feel there is so much story that leads you to a few twists and turns. There are misunderstandings, possible betrayal, love, and and evil desire for power. I really liked how we read more into Candra and Sebastian's relationship and you will read some swooning like scenes and angst moments. There are some other unlikable characters, one new, and one you are probably familiar with from the last story. One threatens to tear Candra and Sebastian apart. The other one wants power over the city, and will do anything...anything to get it! Then there is Draven. You remember him? Well he is back, and actually I liked him here, as he is actually pretty sweet with Candra after a horrible situation that happens... something you have to read for yourself! Let me lastly say that there are definitely some shocking twists in the story, with wonderful writing, and oh my, the End! Wow, I now just really look forward to a third book, because you will definitely leaving this read with wanting more :)

My Rating: 4.5/5
I say a PG-13 With Some Language

About The Author
(Via Goodreads)

Carol Oates has never been one to remain still for long. After her mother’s mad dash to the hospital through the empty city streets of Dublin, Ireland, Carol made her debut into the world in the early hours of Christmas morning. Since then her pace has not slowed down in the least.

Carol was introduced to the world of supernatural books when, as a child, her family moved to a coastal suburb of north Dublin known as Clontarf; famous as the birthplace of Bram Stoker, the prolific author responsible for breathing life into the legendary story of “Dracula.” This stirred in Carol an early passion for reading about all things supernatural. When that passion was combined with a deep interest in the history and folklore of Ireland, as well as an active and vivid imagination, Carol Oates, the author, was born. Carol’s love of writing about anything not entirely “human" emerged.

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