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Friday, October 26, 2012

*Guest Post* Looper (Film)

*Hey everyone! Here is a Guest Post for the Film Looper By: George Webber, a freelance writer, so here you go!*

Looper ( Film )

Bruce Willis has been one of the stars to watch out for. One film after another, he has proved that he can handle any kind of subjects on screen. Many people look forward for the release of his latest movie Looper. The excitement cannot get any better. There are several aspects of the movie doing the rounds, the story, set, characters and the plot. For film goers it probably seems like a never ending wait to watch this movie in the theaters.

The team

·      Director and Writer: Rian Johnson
·      Producers: James Stern and Ram Bergman
·      Cinematography: Steve Yedlin
·      Editor: Bob Ducsay
·      Music: Nathan Johnson

The Stars

·      Bruce Willis
·      Joseph Gordon-Levitt
·      Emily Blunt

About Looper

Looper is a futuristic American science fiction movie. This movie revolves around a time travel plot. You can catch a glimpse of how technology is being put to the best use in order to create a time travel machine. In this movie you can see how criminal organizations are being dealt with by using corporate influence. The opening scene of the movie is January 24, 2011 in Louisiana USA.

A few facts about Looper

·      This movie is all set to hit the cinema screens 28th of September, 2012.
·      Looper has a bit of action and some thriller scenes as well. However, this film can be classified as a science fiction film.
·      This movie will run for about an hour and a half. The interval is assured, so you can grab your share of pop corn and coke.
·      You can catch all the latest about Looper on the official website of this movie
·      This movie is brought to you by TriStar Pictures (Sony).
·      There is speculation about the budget of the film. However, Looper is believed to be a $60 million budget film.
·      This movie has been shot in New Orleans and Napoleonville, Louisiana and in Shanghai, China.
·      Looper was selected for being screened as the opening movie of Canada’s 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.
·      Film critics have given Looper a thumbs up and overall in the USA and UK, Looper has been receiving positive reviews from film critics.

The Story: Looper

The story of the movie travels to the future and shifts back to the present. Loopers are professionals who are hired to kill and dispose agents who are sent from the corporate headquartered in Shanghai. The story is about the year 2042, when as assassin named Joseph Simmons who works as a Looper for a mafia company in Kansas City begins to see what kind of trouble he can get himself into if he does not reach his target. Loopers are foot soldiers who work on the condition that they will get paid if their targets are met. Loopers also do not have the option of escaping under any circumstances.

The movie is about a looper named Simmons who foresees his target. Simmons as a looper failed to meet his target. Willis who is the older Simmons comes in picture. After incapacitating Simmons, Willis escapes. However, things are not easy as his employers are chasing him. Looper is about Simmons fighting for his life and his search for his older self.

Because Looper is based on time travel, you will be taken back and forth in the movie. You will spot the gangsters with a look of Hasdic Jews while contemporary vehicles equipped with accessories being used in the movie. The sets and costumes of the movie deserve special mention. All in all, this science fiction thriller has something different to offer.

George Webber is a freelance writer who writes about the latest in Entertainment and Technology. Currently writing for">
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