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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club By: J.C. Isabella *Excerpt*Review*Giveaway*

Hello! Thank you for stopping by today! I want to thank Reading Addiction Blog Tours and Author J.C. Isabella for letting me participate and providing a review copy! You will see an Excerpt, my Review, and a Giveaway where you have the chance to win 1 Free E-Copy of this Novel! 

Book Description
Welcome to the big leagues. To secrets and scandals. It's all about the game. Who's playing. Who's not. Who has no idea about the game. And...wait, what game are we playing?

I'll leave that for you to decide.

Where to start is the big question for Chloe Baker. How was she supposed to explain to Zack Warren that she started a fan club for him when she was a kid? It was just a game. A way to make friends and have fun. She never thought it would spiral out of control. And never. In a million, gazillion years, did she think it would follow her to college. How could she tell him her best friend Lana kept the club alive? That she had nothing to do with the craziness?

Chloe didn’t understand why she cared so much about Zack's opinion of her. She hated him. He hated her. They had very mutual feelings of dislike for each other. So he'd just hate her even more when or if he found out.

And that's totally fine...she thinks.

Zack Warren had a soft spot for Chloe Baker. He likes the way she walks. He likes the way she talks. If he was poetically inclined, he’d write a sonnet about her ass.

It's Zack’s junior year of college. He’s got things to worry about. Scouts from the major leagues. Baseball games. Contracts. Grades.... His father ran away to Vegas with Chloe's mother. He didn’t have time to worry about a girl. But he did. He worried about Chloe a lot, especially with that jerk Max sniffing around her. It's weird though, to like your stepsister, right?

But Zack could argue that he saw Chloe first. Way before his dad met her mom. He was too young to stake a claim. But just didn’t care anymore.

He’s done playing games.

(Chloe's POV)
He let out a breath. “I like you Chloe.”
This was repetitive progress, but progress nonetheless.
“Thank you, and what exactly do you like about me?”
He was quiet for a minute. “For starters, you’re hot.”
I smacked his arm. “Be serious.”
“I am. Have you seen your ass?”
“Zackary Andrew Warren, if you don’t cut the crap, I’m going to throw you out of my room.” I crossed my arms and stared at the ceiling as best I could in the blackness.
“I’m sorry, Chloe Ann Baker.”
I glowered at the ceiling now. “Who told you my middle name?”
“A little birdie.” He whistled. “Chloe Ann. It’s kind of pretty.”
“I’m going to sleep, good night.”
“I’m not finished.”
“You seem to really go for the Hallmark stuff. I’ll mush it up a bit, okay?” He cleared his throat. “When you are happy, I am happy. Your smile makes my heart flutter. And my tummy feels warm and gooey, like melted butter.”
“That’s it, that’s all you’ve got?”
“No, there’s more.” He continued. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. “Oh, Chloe, dear Chloe, I love it when you are near. My heart goes pitter patter, and it makes me feel…”
“No, that’s not what I was going for.”

This was a nicely done, written story! This story had a great concept. Who has not had a childhood crush, even a small one? This story might get you to remember that type of memory.  Chloe and Zack are both likable characters, believe me, you will be rooting for these two. At first, they really do not like each other, knowing each other since they were young kids, but now, they have to even force each other to make some sort of conversation, because well...their parents just got hitched! Yup! Zack's Father and Chloe's Mom eloped, so now they are step-siblings. But, hey, they actually become good friends and want to spend more time together, more than they both want to admit, but is that so wise? Since they are sorta related, not by blood, but are a part of the same family. Also, you're probably wondering about this Fan Club? Well let's just say that Chloe once upon a time had a massive crush on Zack in Elementary School and with a friend, created a fan club, all about him. Hmm well there is an event that makes Chloe not want to be a part of the club any longer, and that is way before their parents got married, so all of this, you are going to have to find out yourself, and I think you will absolutely love this story, from beginning to end!

The characters were nicely developed including Kyle, Zack's best friend, who happens to be dating Chloe's best friend, Lana, whose is an interesting character herself... There was good writing here, a really great flow. I've heard there will be a second book in this series, but a different story, with new characters to concentrate on, so I definitely look forward to that! All in all, this is an excellent romantic and humorous read, and I hope you read it! :)
My Rating: 4.2/5
I say a little more Mature PG-13 Rating (Slight More Mature YA)  
Author Bio 

J.C. Isabella is the author of Chasing McCree and The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club. Ever since she discovered romance novels in high school, she has been a self proclaimed fan. This led to penning her first YA . When she isn't thinking up new recipes for the cookbook she hopes to one day write, she is brainstorming a new novel and listening to country music. She lives in the tropics of Florida with her big fat Italian family and ornery feline companion.

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  1. I'm really excited to read this book! It's been on my TBR list for a while.


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