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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Battlefield By: J.F. Jenkins *Guest Post - Review - Giveaway*

Hello! Today I'm a part of The Battlefield Blog Tour, presented by SupaGurl Tours. You will see an Awesome Guest Post, written by the Author, J.F. Jenkins (thank you!). You will also see my Review and a Giveaway where you have the chance to win an e-copy of this Novel! So continue on reading, and if you would like to see the full tour schedule Click Here! Thank you for visiting! :)

Guest Post By: J.F. Jenkins

When I was asked to come up with a cast list for my book “Battlefield”, I think I had a little too much fun with it. Normally when I write I try not to get too crazy about who I would have play my characters in a movie only because I don't want to let myself down when I don't get the big movie deal. Actors eventually grow old and change. However, I do have an ideal image for everyone, and that's always fun to think about. I pick out actors for “visual inspiration” and it helps a lot with description too. So here we go, the cast of “Battlefield”.

JD Smith as played by Carlos Pena Jr. - Carlos is most well known for his role on “Big Time Rush”. He embodies JD's playful spirit perfectly. Sweet, fun, and fiercely loyal.

Cadence Sinclair as played by Keke Palmer – Cadence was hard for me to cast for many reasons. Most girls I stumbled across didn't quite fit the mold, but when I finally saw this girl in action I realized she was it!

Orlando Holmes as played by Nicholas Hoult– Orlando was also hard to cast because he had to be able to look good doing two different roles: the jock and the loner. He also had to have good delivery when it came to his emotions and his attitude. His actor is one that changes constantly, but so far this one is sticking for a while.

Alan as played by Kellan Lutz – When I think of Alan, I think of a tall, blond, gorgeous hunk of beef cake. ;) But he also had to have a tender side and some insecurity, a softness if you will. He couldn't just ooze of sex appeal. I haven't seen much of Kellan's work as an actor, however, I see a lot of his print work as a model and he's shown a variety of complex emotions in his pictures alone.

The Minor characters

Tait Darling as played by Ashley Benson
Alona as played by Analeigh Tipton
Sir Tuliy as played by Zac Efron
Payton Darlin as played by Alex Petyfer
The Doctor as played by Christopher Ralph
Angela Smith as played by Alex Steele

*note* I didn't get images of all the minor characters. I picked the most essential ones to the overall story, but I recommend giving the others a Google!

Book Blurb

Cadence, JD, and Orlando couldn't be more different from one another. Under normal circumstances, the three wouldn't so much as say hi to each other if they could get away with it. Then an alien crashes through the roof of their local mall, and everything changes. Not only do the three teens gain new abilities, but they're also chosen to help fight in an intergalactic war where the next chosen battlefield is Earth.

Reluctant at first, they change their minds when the fight hits close to home. Teenagers from school start to go missing, and some are dead. Together they must learn to work together and solve the mystery behind these disappearances before more lives are lost. 

This was a really nice story! I liked the characters and after a couple chapters, they are immediately likable (Cadence/JD/Orlando). They are so different but those differences really liven up the story. They are chosen teens that possess some sort of superpower when they meet Alan, an Alien, whom rather crashed into them at a mall, and basically says that some tribes chose Earth for a battlefield for their war, and these teens must help before any other destruction is done. Pretty intense right? The rest of the story is at times humorous, serious, and all around a fun read. There are characters that some might connect with, as I found myself did. The writing is flawless; everything was at a good pace, and I was just a little surprised, happy how it ended, but kinda wished for just a little more; good thing there is going to be a second book, and I look forward to it!

My Rating: 4.2/5
I say Mild PG-13 Rated

Author Bio
J.F. Jenkins lives in Minneapolis where she spends most of her time creating and plotting world domination – something that has been in the works for roughly 13 years.
In her free time she works as the local coffee wench and dominates the minions of the pixilated world on her PS3.
She’s also got a little man (J Walk) and a little man trapped in a big man’s body (J Dawg) to take care of along with her two fur babies Ushi and Tibu.
She is currently unrepresented by an agency. Email with questions and comments.


  1. This was a fun post and the first 4.2 review i have ever seen! I liked the choice of actors for the characters.

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah I do my ratings a tad different :) Thank you for visiting!

  2. Thanks for having me! The post was a lot of fun to write up. :)

    1. It was a great Post! Loved hosting :)

  3. Nice casting choices.


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