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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Jelly Bean Crisis By: Jolene Stockman (Review)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend! Today, I'm a part of The Jelly Bean Crisis Blog Tour, thanks to ATOMR Blog Tours! I also want to thank the Author Jolene Stockman for providing a review copy. This is a story I truly loved reading and you will find my Review below. You will also see the Phenomenal International Giveaway, so definitely check that out! Thank you for stopping by! :)

          Book Description Via Goodreads

A total meltdown. The whole school watching. Now Poppy’s an ex-straight-A with no Plan B.

When Poppy Johnson throws away a full scholarship to Columbia, she can only blame the jelly beans. The yucky green ones? Midnight cram sessions and Saturday’s spent studying. The delicious red? The family legacy: Columbia, and a future in finance. Except now it’s starting to look like Poppy’s jelly bean theory is wrong. School has been her life until, but maybe it’s time to start living now.

Poppy has thirty days to try a new life. No school, no studying. Just jumping into every possible world. Thirty days to find her passion, her path, and maybe even love. The Jelly Bean Crisis is officially on.

I just want to mention first hand, what a beautiful cover! What do you think? To me, it looks so colorful and eye-catchy! Before I even read the book description, I was drawn by the cover, so that's a good sign, as the story itself does not disappoint! The 'Jelly Bean Theory' is very creative and convincing, and we see how this plays a huge part throughout the story. It's obvious, from the first couple of chapters, that Poppy does what is expected of her. She studies extremely hard, get's Straight A's, does whatever looks good on the college applications and for scholarships, especially the most distinguish one that she does receive, but...Poppy rejects it, ok she does not accept it right away, as she wants to take a Gap Year, okay a Gap Month, to decide what she really wants to do in her life; what she wants to do that will make her happy, as she realizes that Legacy, doing what is expected of her, because it's a family trait, does and will not make her happy, not at all! Going into Finance, and one day on Wall Street does not make Poppy think she is really making a difference, not a difference that she was thinking about anyways. It seems, that for once, Poppy stands up for herself, and I applaud her for that, at sixteen years old, she wants to take hold of her life, and do some searching that will decide if she is going to Columbia for college. Throughout the story, Poppy has her own adventures in different fields, and it was pretty interesting to read what she gets herself into, including something with cookie dough. It was fascinating to know what she really loves to do, and in a way, it was something that she was always good at; you just have to read and find out what it is!

I really like Poppy. She is a fun character to read, and this story is from her POV, which I think is really beneficial, as we are with her as she is on her Journey. I don't want to give too much, but in ways I felt like what she finds passionate about really is relatable to some people, including me, so that was a plus! I liked all in all that this story really concentrates on Poppy's determination to find what she is passionate about, what makes her happy, and she does this at an age when she is just ready to find answers instead of waiting. Another thing: there is a possible romance here; the story does not concentrate fully on Poppy and Stratford (nice name!) but there is a hint of something, and it was pretty cute! Anyways, this was a wonderful read and it is inspiring and i'm just so glad to have read it! Stockman has a great writing style as everything flowed, and there was some humor, and just writing from Poppy's POV just seemed so believable. This is a Novel I for sure recommend! :)

My Rating: 4.5/5
I say PG-13

About The Author Via Goodreads
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