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Saturday, August 18, 2012

*August News/Updates* Winner Of My Summer Giveaway is Revealed!

Hi everyone! Wow, well it's been a while since I've written to just you all; a lot of things have happened so I just want to mention, and you probably have noticed my new background! Yes, I changed it, just yesterday! I was in a picture taking mood, and decided to fix up my shelf a bit, so the picture you see above is the background now. I figured it was time to update my blog with what the Title stands for, "Film And Novels" so here it is! I put together some of my novels and Film DVDs together and here is the finished product, along with a couple of my film markers, so yeah, let me know what you think of this new background, and the color scheme as I sorta changed that too :) Also under the tabs Novel and Film Reviews, you will now see a picture of what else?...Films And Novels. I'm really happy with my new layout/colors/background and again let me know what you think!! 

This summer has been really great, with just really staying in town (So. Cal) and it's been great: participating in blog tours, completing a summer course at school, hanging out with friends and of course...watching the Summer Olympics!! I think I'm having Olympics withdrawals as I just want to watch more :(  but it was really fun watching them, from Opening to Closing; I just enjoyed it all! I was rooting for different countries, and for USA (of course!) :) Anyways, so those were a fun few weeks. This summer, I also got a little writing down, so I'm excited to continue that this Fall. I know that in my Post: June News I wrote more about myself, so if you are interesting in reading that, please do! 

Wow, it's going be Fall really soon...amazing, and that means I start school once again, really soon. With that said and a full schedule of four-five classes, I will be updating this blog regularly so I'm excited for that too! It's so weird as I now have had my blog for a WHOLE YEAR! Yeah so it's like an Anniversary. Crazy! 

Some features you have probably seen up in the tabs is New Novels On My Shelf and Film Buzz. Well, New Novels On My Shelf is currently active so you will on a weekly basis see what new novels I have, so check out that page, as so far I have four posts!! For the past couple of days, I put that Film Buzz would be featured today, but I'm changing it to this next Friday, so look out for that!! And speaking of tabs, you have probably seen above, I have a lot of them now. Yeah so check for yourself what I have up there. Review Requests/Services means I will in the future accept Requests for Book Reviews, but not right now, as I have a lot of other stuff, Blog Tours, and school coming up, so perhaps this upcoming November, I will be open to accept Review Requests. Other services means that I'm open to post any Guest Posts you want me to Post, so of course they have to be film or book criteria, but just contact me and I'll see what you got. I can also host an interview, just let me know! If you want me to host a Giveaway, if you are thinking of having a Blog Tour, and you want me to participate, contact me! :) 

Let's me see, what else? Oh, I now have a facebook page for my blog I have to admit that I have not done much at all, but will be updating and all of that this week, so here's the link if you are interested in liking it; would appreciate it, and promise to get that it up and running sometime this upcoming week, so here you go: 

I also have a Giveaway going on right now!! It's for M. Leighton's The Wild Ones!! There are not many entries, so I do encourage you to enter. It's easy to enter and you never know, you might win, so click here to get to that Post!!

Okay, now I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in my Little Summer Giveaway!!! I now have over 100 followers (WOW!!) and I'm just so happy to have had you all be interested in this Giveaway, and to have new followers/friends so again, thanks!! Before I mention the Winner that Rafflecopter randomly chose, I want to mention that I'm thinking of having a Winter Giveaway, a Christmas Giveaway, maybe doing three of four different prizes/gifts, and this time if will go to 3 or 4 different people, so it's like I'm sending Christmas gifts, so I don't know, it sounds pretty cool, and if you want, let me know if you want me to make this happen. I will probably post this Giveaway in November, so let me know!!

Ok, the winner of my Giveaway is... .... .... (lol) okay it is MARIAH DEITRICK!!!
Yayay!! So happy she won and there has already been an e-mail sent. So again, thank you so much for participating!! And look forward to more blogging!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!! :)

~ Marissa

Oh and P.S. I am now a Shabby Apple Affiliate! If you are wondering why I have ads with different models that's the reason! if you click on the ad it will direct you to the site! And I must say there is just so many beautiful clothing/accessories and oh my a lot!! So I encourage you to take a look as I have different ads on my blog, scroll up and down and you will see one!! Thank you :)


  1. Wow one year of blogging.

    Glad your enjoying yourself.
    Nice blog. I'm one new blog follower:)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for being a new follower; appreciate it! :)


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