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Friday, August 17, 2012

Forbidden By: Abbie Williams (Review)

*I want to thank Meghan from Everheart Books for providing me a copy of this story! This was truly a wonderful read and my Review is below. 

Book Description Via Goodreads

A chance encounter. An intense desire. And a forbidden love too strong to resist.

At 20, Bryce Mitchell is no stranger to hardship, raised by an unloving mother with a terrible secret. But when she meets Matthew Sternhagen, it seems as though life may be offering her a second chance. She is inexplicably drawn to gorgeous, sensitive Matthew on the humid June night they meet. Despite the fact that they are total strangers, they come to realize one absolute truth: they are meant for one another.

There is only one problem: Matthew is Bryce's half-uncle, a man her mother never told her about. Will the truth of their relationship be enough to stop their forbidden love? Or will long-buried secrets ruin their chances forever? 


Wow. When I finished reading this, that's what popped in my head, that and how I did want to read more of this emotional yet incredible story! I think the book description, first of all, is so accurate and it's a great insight of what you will read, what you will expect. Bryce Mitchell is 20, and she has lived with her mother, Michelle, in Oklahoma, since she was born. She has had a tough upbringing, being raised by a single Mom; she never knew who her father was. Michelle has her own issues that she has kept inside of herself so long, since she was practically a late teen. This mother/daughter relationship is unstable, dysfunctional,  and you will read how they just barely get along, but they have been through some tough episodes that makes Bryce just want to live with her boyfriend, Wade. One evening at a friend's birthday party, she meets this stranger, this good looking/sexy young guy named Matthew, and the attraction between these two pulls them together in a way that they will never regret. Bryce just forgets everything, and spends the most wonderful night with Matthew. From the book description, you already know that ok, yes, they are related, but these two characters definitely do not know at first. This realization comes later when Bryce's grandfather (Matthew's Dad) passes away, and she sees Matthew again in Minnesota. This news shocks both of them, and for some reason though, in this FORBIDDEN territory, the love between these relatives (Yikes!) feels so natural, so right to them, so what will they do to stay together? will just have to read this story and find out, and honestly, it's such a good one that you will not want to pass up!

Ok, yes, the situation of relatives falling romantically in love with each other, to me is a shaky subject, but in this story, there just no denying how these two feel about one another. I found this story to be fascinating, really! To me, this was not just a forbidden love story; there was definitely some mysterious factors from a family's past! There are a few secrets here, and I wanted to know them pronto! There was a good amount of suspense; there were certain events that were placed throughout the novel that kept me guessing what the truth was, for example, who Bryce's real father is! Is it someone we have perhaps known all along? Or is it someone that's so unexpected, that you did not see coming? There's also another event that suddenly occurs, that ok you may have been thinking would happen, but as you read more of the story, you might forget about it, but when that event does happen, whoa, the story really takes another turn! But is it for the best or worse? Hmmm.... There was gritting emotion here from some of the characters, I felt for them, I really did; it's just undeniable. I felt towards the end of the story that there were some many intense events, situations, that occurred, and I really liked it! The mystery that overshadows the story is something that I never saw coming; it blew me away! When you read the truth, you understand why Michelle ran away from home when she was so young, and my heart really felt for her. Aside from the mysterious factors, this is also a love story, and it was beautifully written including the love scenes, the feelings/emotions that Bryce and Matthew have for one another just really grabbed me, and I was pretty content when I finished this story. 

 The characters were really well developed. The family conflict that occurs in the present, and even in the past was well described, and I thought the flashbacks were so necessary and well written again! There was a good pace here; everything flowed well. The writing was pretty good! Williams really is a wonderful writer and just has a captivating story here. I can't wait to read another book written by her. All in all, this was a fantastic story with love and a surprising amount of events that will keep you turning the pages, and this is a novel I really really recommend!! 

My Rating: 4.5/5
R Rated (Mature Situations-Adult Content)


  1. Thank you for the fabulous review :) I am glad you liked the story.

    1. I'm so fortunate to have read it. It's definitely one that will stick with me for a while. Thank you so much for visiting and reading my review :)


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