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Hello everyone. All of my Reviews, that I have yet to write, will be posted sporadically during the summer. After the end of this summer, I will not be posting on here anymore, as you will see the info on the right side of the blog.
Thanks for your understanding.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just to Let You Know...

Hey everyone, hope you all had a good weekend! 
Well, about more than a week ago, I posted here that I was coming on with something, and I did :( I'm better now...but I'm behind on school work, and I just want to let you know, that all posts I have scheduled on here, and on my other blog, will be posted. The Reviews will come later, probably after my semester is over, which will be next month, so anyway, I might not be posting too much, as I just have a whole load of work to do and I just need to get back to my schedule of things so yeah, hope you have a great week! :)



  1. I'm over from the Chain Blog Hop on Blogaholic. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you can get all caught up.


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