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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Giving Up the Ghost (A 13 Shades of Red Novel) By: S.A.Price

Book Description Via

Rhys Bellamy is the front man for the wildly successful 13 Shades of Red, a band hailing from New Orleans that is just a bit more then they appear. He’s sexy, caustic and on a path of self destruction that has everything to do with the fact that he can speak to the dead. A man hounded by the death of his fiancĂ©e, Rhys is a lothario of the highest caliber. His life, his band, and his agony celebrates his lost love, Phaedra, and it has made him a very popular man with the ladies, even if they will never mean anything to him. Too bad Phaedra has never and will never contact him.

When the band’s first US tour meets with some unforeseen management issues, Saffron Richards is brought in to take care of it. A veteran of the business, Saffron knows all about Rhys and his reputation and doesn’t want to become another notch on his belt. Too bad fate has it in for the both of them, and gives them an attraction neither can deny.

But life on the road with an up and coming band has its problems, from bosses to groupies to just plain old flat tires. And Phaedra, who has been watching from the mists and reveling in the misery of her lost lover doesn’t want to see him happy. Being together is harder than it sounds, especially when Phaedra crosses the veils on All Hallows Eve to reignite the love that Saffron has set to ash in Rhys. And Phaedra is not giving him up without a fight. Not because she loves him, but because she doesn’t ever want him to forget.
Warning: this is considered a New Adult genre release. Reader discretion is advised.

My Mini Review

This was a really good story. I felt there was a combination of the supernatural & an intense attraction that does end up to be more. Saffron and Rhys fall for each other quickly, and there are some sex scenes, just to let you know, and past all that, I think there was a hint of more than that fast pace lusty attraction. There is the fact that Rhys's deceased fiance, tries to haunt Saffron, and basically discourage her from being with Rhys, so does it work? There's also the fact that Rhys is part of a successful band, and that environment was mentioned quite well. The supernatural effect was explained all right; I was just a little confused at times, in terms of how the deceased fiance tries to get back. All in all, this was a good New Adult story, and I look forward to reading the next book. 

My Rating: 3.8/5
R-Rated! (Some Mature Language & Sexual Content)

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