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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hard to Love By: Kendall Ryan *Review & Giveaway*

Title: Hard to Love

Author Name: Kendall Ryan

Release date: January 16, 2013

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour organized by: AToMR Tours

Book Description

Cade’s always taken risks…

Cade takes cares of his sick younger sister by doing what he does best--cage fighting and starring in adult movies, his newest harebrained moneymaking scheme designed to pay for his sister’s growing medical bills. But when his latest gig finds him admitted to the ER sporting an erection from hell, thanks to the little pill given to him by the director, he can’t get the pretty little nurse who treated him out of his head, even though he knows she’s so far out of his league it should be illegal.

Alexa’s always played it safe…

Tired of being pigeonholed as the sweet, innocent one, hardworking nursing student Alexa has been looking for ways to break out of her Goody Two-shoes image. When her friend suggests the outlandish idea of losing her virginity to the sexy and sure-to-be-skilled porn star, Alexa is mortified. But then when Cade refuses her proposition, she finds herself pissed off and embarrassed. When she tracks him down to give him a piece of her mind, she isn’t prepared for what she finds. Watching him care for his little sister tugs at her heart, and suddenly it’s no longer just about losing her virginity, but about helping Cade. Because Lord help her, she might actually be falling for a porn star…

About The Author

Kendall Ryan is the author of the bestselling erotic romance novels UNRAVEL ME and MAKE ME YOURS. She’s addicted to reading and writing romance novels filled with angsty tension, kissing and alpha males.

She lives in Minneapolis with an adorable husband and two naughty puppies, one of which may be part monkey. She’s hard at work on her next novel, RESISTING HER, which will be available in mid-2013.

You can find Kendall lurking online at: www. or on Twitter, where she spends far too much time fangirling over fictional hotties, @KendallRyan1

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My Review
(Thanks to the Author for providing an ARC, in exchange for my honest Review)

Ok, yes, when I read the Book Description, what got me curious about reading this novel, was Cade being an adult movie actor, and I was interested in how he would meet a girl like Alexa, who is very, well I guess innocent, and so again I was like, how do they meet? Well, you will read that in the first chapter, and you'll read how Cade gets himself to the hospital, and thus is helped by nursing student, Alexa. To me, their first meeting, just really intrigued me to continue on in this story, and I've gotta say, this was a really good read. 

I believe Cade is written really well, and it helped me to understand why he's in the adult film industry, by reading his POV, along with Alexa's. I really liked these two characters and felt that they definitely had a spark when they meet for the second time, and well along with their oh so very steamy scenes, I saw their compassionate sides with Lily, Cade's younger sister, who has a serious medical condition that really stacks medical costs, so to me, I understand why Cade did Adult films, cage fighting, and other jobs, because, he's her guardian, and through the Author's writing, you can tell, how much he loves and cares for Lily, and how she loves him back. Alexa too, takes not only genuine interest to be around Lily, but sees her as a package along with Cade, like if she was to be with Cade, Lily would be in the picture, and I think she really loves that, as I loved reading about Lily :)

This is a definite great Adult Romance Read, and I won't write too much more, as I think you should really read this for yourself, and you'll read a story filled with drama, sex, possible feelings of love and lots more, so check it out! :)

My Rating: 4.3/5
R-Rated! Adults Only (18+) [Strong Language & Mature Sexual Content]


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