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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Kiss Off By: Sarah Billington *Review*

This is an overdue Review from the Blog Tour I was going to participate in. I'm finally glad to share it wth all of you!

Book Description
(From Goodreads)

WARNING: Sexual references, occassional coarse language.
When sixteen year old Poppy Douglas writes a song about her ex-boyfriend Cam and ex-friend Nikki, she has no idea that her heartbreak is about to go global.

A local band picks up her song from Youtube and soon she’s along for the ride with her own fanbase as they blow up on the local club scene and hit the international charts. Though it turns out leaving Cam behind isn’t as easy as she had hoped.

Tangled in a web of unfinished homework, ill-considered sexting and a new lead-singer boyfriend, Poppy has a choice to make between the ex that inspired it all and the rock God whose poster lines the inside of half the lockers at school. But as she struggles to keep her emotional dirty laundry private, she learns that the truth can be hard to find when your life is in the headlines.

About The Author
(From Goodreads)
Sarah Billington is an Australian writer and editor who likes to write stories with love, laughs, suspense and zombies. Sometimes all in the same story.

She writes predominantly light Young Adult fiction under her name, Sarah Billington, but if you're interested in something a bit darker and scarier you could try out her other persona, Edwina Ray's writing. Edwina Ray is an Amazon best selling author. This makes Sarah Billington very jealous.

Sarah loves a variety of random things, which include Swing Dancing, Ice Hockey, Roller Derby and is a bit obsessive about paranormal investigation shows and channel E!. She has also become known as "the zombie girl" because of her fascination with all things zombie. She doesn't quite know how that happened, but she's going with it.

My Review

I thought this was a nice story. There was a good concept of how misunderstandings can happen along with the media, and we see how those two things can really hurt a relationship. 

Poppy seemed like a cool character that has a knack for writing songs. I was interested to read more about her obvious talent, like more of her singing along with her lyrics; that would have made me believe her being a song writer, than just talking about it. I think Ty was also a good character, and it seems obvious that they may end up together, but I think from being a young man high school to an instant music sensation around the nation, even around the world, just went too fast, and I did not really believe it. I think what was written really well, were the misunderstandings and the media conflicting a relationship.  So anyway, Ty's transition was just a bit too fast for me and it didn't grab me.

I would have liked to read more scenes on just Poppy and Ty as a couple, before he and his band become very known, to grasp that they are a real couple. I do believe, all in all, that there was originality in this story, and that really made me read to the end. The concept of Poppy getting in trouble for sexting, and dealing with the pressure in having a romantic relationship with a now high profile relationship, was overall interesitng, and as said, grabbed my interest, to the end of the novel. I was a little confused about the location, but I believe it was in some suburb in America, but if there is another book written, I think I would deifnitely be interested in reading it.

My Rating: 3.5/5
I say Rated PG-!3 (Some Strong Language & Sexual References; 16+)

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