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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For Love of Sarah By: Hazel Statham *Review & Giveaway*

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Book Description

How many times can a heart be broken?  How many times can love be denied?  Sarah and Alexander were destined for each other but after just four short weeks of marriage, their lives were torn asunder.
Alexander, Earl of Thorne thought he had found his ideal mate but, when Sarah absconded shortly after their marriage, his world came crashing down.  Now, five years later, he discovers her in a remote Yorkshire village.
Sarah had thought she was safe, but when, severely injured in a freak accident, her husband is thrust once more into her life, she fears her dark secrets and the fact she has a son, will become known. 
Despite her own desperate longings, she continually repudiates Alexander’s efforts of reconciliation. However, fate conspires against her, and when her home is made uninhabitable by floods, she and her young son are forced to accept his aid and return to her former home.
Discovery threatens and, despite her breaking heart, she plans to leave Alexander’s life.  What is this secret that makes it so imperative that she should abscond from him yet again?  Can two broken hearts cleave and emerge victorious or will life's cruel forces tear them apart forever?

Book Excerpt

“There is no man with whom I live. I am thought to be a widow by the villagers.”
“A widow? By God, you would feel so, in fact, if I were able to leave this accursed bed. He would find no place to be safe from me!”
“There is no one,” she cried, her voice rising to the verge of tears.
“Then he has left you,” stated the earl, coldly. “Taken what he desired and left you to bear the consequences alone. Or did he discover your duplicitous nature and decide he would not play the fool to your deception?”
“My nature is not at all as you suppose, sir. I merely fell prey to a circumstance that has blighted my life.”
“Infidelity and desertion are definitely circumstances that blight your life, and those who are associated with you. When I sought your brother, it was reported that he had gone to India. Even your grandfather is in ignorance of your whereabouts. I thought you may have flown to him, but when I looked for you there, he had no more information than I and the poor man is desperate for knowledge of you.”
And if he should have that knowledge, he would disown me and his life would be in ruin. “It is best that you and he should forget my existence. I have built a new life far removed from your world.”
“You are still my wife, Sarah!”

My Review
(Thanks to the Author for providing a Review Copy)

I love historical fiction, and really enjoyed reading this historical novel. The writing was superb, as there was a really great story line, that was easy to follow, and I just got into the lives of the characters, especially the married, but not ideally married, Alexander and Sarah. There's a secret that Sarah has kept for five years, and after she ran away from her 4 week marriage, and from the love of her life, she is sorta content, as she raises her son in a village, where everyone knows her to be a widow. Well, conveniently, Alexander comes back into Sarah's life, and the first word he really says to her is "why?" Why did she crush his heart, leave with a supposed lover? Well he wants answers, and Sarah cannot give him the ones he seeks, as she is afraid, that he will never love look at her in the eye again, so what happens next? That is for you to find out.  

This story, again has great flow, so you will want to read what's next, as there are some intense and intruding scenes, and for me, that did me over, to turn the pages, to fine out what would happen to these characters next. This story takes place in the early 19th Century, in England, and the scenery and location was described well, so with a great story, and wonderful reading, I found this novel, all around, to be really great, and I look forward to read what else this Author has written. If you enjoy a good historical romance, check this one out :)

My Rating: 4.3/5
I say a Sweet PG Rating

Author Bio & Links
Hazel Statham began writing at the age of fifteen, finally committing to paper the stories she spun as a child. Writing has been her passion ever since, although marriage, motherhood, and career left time for little else. Once she retired, however, she was able to devote herself to writing full-time, publishing her first novel in 2007. A long time student of history, she writes mainly in the Regency and Georgian eras, though she has been known to dabble in the medieval as well. She lives in Staffordshire, England, with her husband, Terry, and their beloved yellow Labrador, Mollie.

Hazel loves to hear from her readers and promises to answer all mail.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today and for such a lovely review. It really is appreciated. I'm so pleased you enjoyed Sarah and Alexander's story.


  2. thanks for the interveiw. i haven't read any of hazels work as yet but as soon as i get a job i will be getting one of her books to read

  3. Hi Lauri, I don't know if it would help, but occasionally, one of my books is offered for free for a day on Kindle.


  4. I'm intrigued! Why did she leave him? What happened to her? It's historical romantic suspense. Sounds great!

    Mnark111 AT gmail DOT com

    1. Yes, I think you're right, there is both mystery and suspense in the story. Sarah is torn apart by the secrets she carries and the love she has for her husband.


  5. This is my first look at For Love of Sarah, so a big thanks for your great review. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and I look forward to giving this one a try.

    1. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


  6. Very nice review.



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