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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reflection By: Jessica Roberts (Review & Giveaway)

Hello everyone! I just want to say first, Happy Birthday Jessica Roberts! I saw it was her B-day on her Blog, so its pretty cool to be hosting on her special day! Also, I want to thank YA Bound for letting me participating in this awesome tour! You will see my Review and a really Nice Giveaway, so I hope you check both features out! Also a link to the Full Tour Schedule will be provided, so check that out too! :)

Title: Reflection
By: Jessica Roberts
Release Date: 02/17/12
289 Pages

Book Description
(Via Goodreads)

Bright, spunky Heather Robbins has escaped her small hometown and is anxiously beginning her freshman year of college. Rising above her rocky childhood, she’s found a place where good things are finally starting to happen: her own private apartment, refreshing college classes, and an intense attachment to a mysterious and rugged classmate, Nick Richards.

But when her dreamy college life turns out to be nothing more than a wonderful dream while resting in a coma, questions threaten.

Now, Heather must press forward to unlock the real past, and find the answers buried deep in her mind. What she unlocks instead is a roller coaster ride through flashbacks, embellished memories, and a whirlwind romance.

And when it’s all over and she comes face to face with the truth, will she lose everything she’s fallen in love with? 

First, I want to mention that this novel is New Adult, and that it is a genre that I have really grasped this year, and Reflection is just so perfect for this genre! 

OMGosh this was soo good!! I was just, I don't know what to say, but this is a MUST read, and if you are just getting to read some works of New Adult, this is one to buy! Heather Robbins is one anxious young freshman girl going to college, that wants to get away from bad memories, some that include the loss of her Mother, and living with her step-father. What is hard is leaving her childhood friend, Creed, behind, but she is determined to make something of herself in a new city and new school; to start out some sort of new beginning. Her summer semester starts out with History, Creative Writing, and Track, but what she does not expect to see, or meet, or really feel anything instantly for is, Nick Richards. They do not have an easy start but something definitely forms, and for once Heather feels so comfortable, but wait...she wakes up. Heather finally wakes up from a Coma that she has been in for a while, and as she is reflecting back towards her dreams/memories, she's trying to figure out what's real/not and Heather might not be happy with the end result. 

I really liked the concept, the story. It had a pretty good flow, and was written wonderfully, and I could not stop myself from turning the pages; it was definitely an addictive read! I liked how the POV shifted, but mainly we are in Heather's mind, and I really enjoyed reading her feelings/thoughts; it was just perfect. I also liked the characters as well including, Heather of course. She has a likable personality and she's a 'New Adult' trying to find herself in a new environment, and all of that is relatable, so having this story primarily in a college setting was excellent! Now...Nick. He was a very interesting male lead. I really liked him, but sometimes ok, thought he was a tad bit on the jerk side, but we get a glimpse of his mysterious past that has some traits of tragedy, and then I understood, why he is the way he is. But then the ending was...WOW...not kidding. I really don't want to give too much, but by the end, you will definitely want to read the next book in this series: Reaction. And yes, there's a second book, and just so much needed!! I have read the first chapter, and instantly know this is going to be a tear jerker, but I'm so ready to read this, when it comes out, sometime this Fall! This is a Novel, that I really hope you read, and I so Recommend it! 

My Rating: 4.5/5
I say a PG-13 Rating

Author Bio 
(Via Goodreads)
JESSICA ROBERTS grew up in the San Francisco, California Bay Area where she spent most of her time playing sports alongside her six siblings. She was crowned Miss Teen California her senior year of high school, and went on to Brigham Young University where she graduated in Human Development. Her love of family, church, writing, athletics, and singing and dancing keeps her life busy and fulfilled. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and three children. 


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  1. I've actually never heard of this genre, I'm so behind the times! And I don't read anything young adultish, but this sounds just too good to pass up, so I did buy it. Best of luck. Saw this on Book Blogs BTW. Grace

    1. I believe New Adult is still new, but do check it out, as there are some other great Titles! I'm so glad you are going to read this; thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Hey Marissa from Cali! I'm a Cali girl too! First, thank you for the birthday wish! It made me smile. And thank you so much for allowing Reflection to stop by your blog! I loved your review. I enjoyed reading all your thoughts and reactions. Thanks again!

    1. I hope you had a great B-day! And I really had a great time reading Reflection. It really has made me anxious to read Reaction; I can't wait! :)

  3. Replies
    1. It really is; I absolutely loved it!


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