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Friday, September 28, 2012

Circle Of Light By: Jennifer DeLucy *Guest Post & Giveaway*

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Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by! I'm very glad to be a part of Jennifer DeLucy's Circle Of Light Blog Tour! Thank you Lisa @A Life Bound By Books for letting me participate! You will see a wonderful Guest Post by Jennifer, and I thank her for providing that! Also, there's a Giveaway, where you have a chance to win an E-Book Copy, so thanks to Omnific Publishing for providing this Giveaway

Book Details
Title: Circle Of Light
Author: Jennifer DeLucy
Published: October 2012
Series: Light, book #3 

Book Blurb
Empath and Pathcrosser to the dead, Lillian Hunt has finally come into her own as a Sentient being. All seems well in her brave new world...that is, until a tragic turn sends her tight knit Sentient group on a rescue mission through lore-infested Europe. Their goal is to save the love of Lily's life—vampire Sentient, William Maddox — from both the prejudice of their own society and the dark intentions of ancient vampires. But how will they keep hope alive, even as time runs out?

Guest Post By Jennifer DeLucy

Hola, avid readers extraordinaire!!

For The Love of Film and Novels asked me to blog about what inspired the Light Series Trilogy, so I thought I’d explain what it means to me and why in the world I think other people (women and men) should read it. Now, where to begin…

How about if I spare you the boring details and cut to the chase? The fact is that, when I write, I write in a very heart-on-your-sleeve kind of way. What I feel, what I believe…it shows through, and there are definitely a few major points (super important to me as a woman) that turned the message of the series into what it is at its end. For one thing, very early on I started feeling singularly dedicated to the concept of people pursuing a life of deeper meaning and greater happiness. I see how short life was, I know we have a limited number of breaths to work with and the idea that we schlep through too many days on autopilot without really feeling and recognizing enough, well, it breaks my heart.

I believe we all have a purpose and a destiny here, and that concept plays out vividly in the Light Series. I want people to come away feeling reinvigorated and excited and passionate about their lives, no matter what gifts they have to offer the world.

The second piece is kind of a woman-power issue, because, though there are two main love stories in the series, you won’t find much glorification of the Alpha male, typical romance mystique. You’ll see a more realistic version of men and women, who are flawed, imperfect, every bit as infuriating as they are lovable. You’ll see women who must learn to come into their own strength without leaning on the protection or defense of anyone else. But most of all, you’ll see how everyone’s life comes full circle, how the connections and interactions between these silly-as-often-as-they’re-serious characters directly impact the lives of so many around them. You’ll see how important it is to follow love’s example, in spite of your fear.

So, what inspired the Light Series? I guess love did. And being a woman. And you. Your lives inspired it. Thanks for that.


About The Author

Jennifer DeLucy is an author of paranormal fiction, most notably The Light Series Trilogy, a freelance editor and a musician who believes in combining talents to create unique and inspiring work. Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jennifer moved to the Midwest in her early twenties, honing her passions and publishing her first two novels before moving to Seattle, Washington in 2012. She continues to pursue new and exciting avenues in both the writing and music fields.


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