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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A May Update!


This week and early next, I will working through my finals, and thus I will be done with the semester! I'm pretty excited that I will be posting a lot of overdue reviews. Some include:

Beautiful Disaster and Providence (#1) By: Jamie McGuire (Loved loved both of these books, and I have the second in the series to still read, and I hear there's a third!)

Gabriel's Inferno By: Sylvain Reynard (This one was a page turner!)

Love Unscripted By: Tina Reber (Wow! Great story.)

  • Also I have two book blog yours I will be participating in thanks to Bewitching Book Tours:
  • - (May 17) Hurricane #1 By: Jenna-Lynne Duncan. (Review)
  • - (May 19) Stealing Breath By: Joanne Brothwell. (Review & Promo) 

~ Marissa 


  1. Oh, Gabriel's Inferno is one that right you yu might have mixed feelings but it so sticks with you! Loved!

    Beautiful Disaster has been on my reading list a long time. I need to get to it too. I've heard great things.

  2. Beautiful Disaster is really wonderful! I couldn't put it down :)


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