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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Always You By: Shilpa Mudiganti

First just want to mention that I am part of another book tour, this time for the novel, Always You By: Shilpa Mudiganti. It’s organized by Enchanted Book Promotions, and am just so glad to be apart of it. Here is the link to their website so you can also see other blogs that are part of this book tour: 
Do check it out!

Now, next, I just finished Always You. Let me just say first, it was a wonderful and touching story, and I loved every word written. In a brief summary, Lyla who is about in her mid twenties, goes to work as usual, and is excited about her last job she will do for her company, that will send her to New York and Paris. The thing is, when she goes inside that conference room, she locks eyes with her ex-boyfriend, Alex, who she has not seen for over five years! Now thats a surprise. It turns out that Alex is going to be her boss for this job assignment, and Lyla had no idea, neither did Alex, that they would be working together, and all the feelings that he still had for her resurface. During their four week work outing, there are still disagreements on why they broke up five years back, but for some reason Lyla cannot move forward, as she still feels hurt by Alex’s betrayal. By the end of four weeks, there is a change in both Lyla and Alex that move them in the direction that they had hoped for all along. As I said, this is a wonderful love story, and the writing was beautifully written; I can feel the different emotions that the characters feel, and I recommend this book to those that love a good romance story. You will not be disappointed! :) 

My Rating: 4/5
My Audience Rating: Between PG & PG-13


  1. Thank you Marissa for such a sweet review! Sorry to be responding this late as I was out of town. Made my day! :)

  2. Thank you, it was a wonderful story, and I was glad to have read it and share it with others :)


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