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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Silent In the Grave (Lady Julia Book 1) By: Deanna Raybourn

Let me just say, Wow! This was my first time reading a Lady Julia Grey novel, and it literally kept me up (I stayed up till almost 2am with this one!)

It starts out when Lady Julia Grey’s husband, Edward, collapses at her feet, and learns later that evening, he had passed away from an illness that was in the family, so in a way he was bound to not live a long life. So, twenty something Lady Grey is a widow with no children. At first she gives up on the fact that Edward might have been murdered since she had learned from Private Investigator, Nicholas Brisbane, that he had received threatening letters before Edward collapsed that night. About a year passes by, and Lady Julia finally has suspicions and wants to know if her childhood friend turned husband was murdered. She and Brisbane investigate together, and find out things Julia had never known about her husband, and she questions if she really did know him, even though they had a twenty year friendship! 

This was definitely a great historical mystery thriller. I loved absolutely every moment. Lady Julia comes from a big family, the March family, and it’s so great that some siblings were introduced here and those chapters were insightful, entertaining, as were the chapters with Brisbane. He just seems like an intriguing character, and I can’t wait to read the next one, which should be in a couple weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on that one! 

My Rating: 5/5
My Audience Rating: PG-13

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