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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beautiful Days (Bright Young Things Book 2) By: Anna Godbersen

Just finished the second installment of the Bright Young Things series. The first one was incredible, and this one was no different. In some of my film courses I’ve studied the 1920s era and the silent film era, and it all just looks like a glamorous time. This second novel, Beautiful Days follows the three main characters: Cordelia Grey, Astrid Donal, and Letty Larkspur. If you have not read the first novel, it is a must, because this story picks up from the past events and the first book introduces a dazzling era of flappers, singing, luxury living, and new beginnings, so read it! :)

Here in Beautiful Days, Cordelia may have a new romance, but it’s a slow and confusing one. At the same time, in honor of her late father, the famous bootlegger, she and her half brother, Charlie, work to create more business. Letty still tries to become a Star even though she gets discouraged at different times, but her talent is not overshadowed (she gets widely noticed!). Then there is Astrid who is not getting noticed enough by her fiancĂ© Charlie (yes Cordelia’s half brother) but a terrible catastrophe brings an unexpected event. With their different individual stories, there’s the era of the twenties, and it’s just a delightful read!

I read the first novel this past summer, and was intrigued from page one. I love to read different stories of what the Twenties would have been like, and here Godbersen does such a wonderful job describing New York City during that time, and in a way, you’re taken there. It’s a great series, and I believe there’s one more coming later this year, so you have time to catch up!
I have the first book and second one here if you wish to buy it!

My Rating: 4.8/5
My Audience Rating: Between PG & PG-13

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