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Hello everyone. All of my Reviews, that I have yet to write, will be posted sporadically during the summer. After the end of this summer, I will not be posting on here anymore, as you will see the info on the right side of the blog.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yet, another Update.

Hey everyone. Hope you are all enjoying summer break :)

This is just another update. This summer, I won't be participating in many blog tours, because I just don't have that extra pocket of time, and I still have Reviews to catch up on from previous blog tours, so this summer, you will see a few new Blog Tour Posts and other Book Reviews, a few times a week. From the 23rd to the 27th of June, there will be four blog tour posts on my new blog:   My Love For Films & Novels. There will be two new reviews, and there will be two that I will post soon; I just don't think I will read those fast enough before my dates. 

Again, I haven't found the time to update this blog, and that will be happening...sometime this summer. These past couple of months, I've just been super stressful, (the neck pain I receive occasionally & headaches does not help either) and without getting personal, I'm just dealing with a few  personal matters, and I just started a course for summer semester, so reading books, writing film reviews and even writing my WIP have been the last things on my to do list, so that's been a bummer because I really want to be further along with my book, but that will have to wait a little more. I still have a lot of e-mails to catch up on, and seeing how many emails I have is crazy, but I will answer as much as I can each week. 

Giveaways...I have to still pick winners for some, so that will be happening later this week, early next week. I do have one going on right now: The Englishman By: Nina Lewis. Click below to check that one out:

As you see above and on the side of this blog, this blog will be closing, and it will, once I have updated everything, including the tabs. All emails that I have still to answer that include review requests, interviews, giveaways etc. will be posted most likely on my new blog, we'll see... I still have to figure that one. 

Ummm....I guess that's it right now. There is one blog tour post that I forgot to post on the 16th (ah not good) but I will post that this weekend.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Noticed you moved your site but the material here is still great. Not sure if you'll see this but I'd love to drop you a guest post sometime, trying to get some links back to my review site called Crooked Manners and hope you don't mind me dropping one here. Cheers!


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