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Friday, November 25, 2011

Remembrance By: Michelle Madow

This is my first book tour, and I am so thrilled to have had Michelle’s Madow’s story as my first novel to proudly praise! 

Madow’s debut novel, Remembrance, was beyond wonderful; I simply couldn’t put it down! The protagonist, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Davenport lives in Pembrooke, New Hampshire, is about 17 years old, and on the first day of school locks eyes with her meant to be love, Drew. The only problem is: she has a steady boyfriend of three years, Jeremy, and a best friend (Chelsea) that also has her eyes on Drew. What a story right? But there’s more! When Drew and Lizzie lock eyes that first moment in first period history class, they had locked eyes before, not in this lifetime, but in early 1800’s England. I told you there was more to this remarkable story :)  I have given some of the important elements that build this story, but you must read, because even though Lizzie and Drew feel like they should be together (but of course have not told each other yet…) they still have hefty obstacles, hurdles to go over, because there is Jeremy and Chelsea in the way. This story is wonderfully written, and you will be reading the first of a series, as I believe there will be a second book coming out soon.

Well, I must say, WOW this was a great read! I just finished it early this morning, and I mean early. I got hooked from chapter 1! I think introducing Drew that early in the story really catches the reader, and it creates more emotions/feelings from Lizzie. Madow has a beautiful gift, and that is her writing style, everything flows very nicely. There was a great amount of action and feelings from the characters that made the story move along, and feel realistic with a mystical twist. I love the comparison of Lizzie and Drew to Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, very brilliant. This was all around a creative idea, and as mentioned in her about page, it was from Taylor Swifts beloved song “Love Story.” Yes, this is truly a novel not to be missed, I encourage you read it, you will most definitely not be disappointed!

I have an amazon link below, where you can purchase this magnificent read, enjoy  :)

My Rating: 4.5/5
My Rating For Audiences: PG

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